Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I Learned at Sitscation 09

I am linking this post up at Tip Junkie's blog today because Laurie is talking about why we blog and I'm so passionate about my little hobby that I couldn't pass up the chance to share in the love!

When bloggers go to conferences, they tend to come away with either two feelings.  They either decide that blogging is no longer what they want to do with their free time....or they are excited and motivated.

I'll bet you can guess which side of the fence I fall on.  I'm a passionate person by nature.  I get excited about things and love to talk to people and tell stories.  I think this makes me a good blogger.  And let me tell you right now that I don't embellish my stories.  All of the gory details belong to me!  I lived them all.

The question comes up sometimes...why do you blog.  Blogging started as a way to update our families on our lives and a place for me to record recipes because I became really interested in cooking.  I didn't know a lot about it back then but over time it became so much more to me because I found the adult interaction that I craved as a Stay At Home Mom with two small babies.  Living in Utah was hard and my friends lived in my computer which worked out lovely because they were there at all times of the day.  Blogging was my support system...and it still is.

Over the last few years, I've met some wonderful ladies and they have become friends.   I don't blog because I want to be Dooce, appear on TV (except Oprah...I want to be on Oprah) , get a book deal, speak at a conference or be wildly popular.  I blog because I like to entertain people, make friends and have a connection with other mothers.  And I love comments. 

I enjoyed the talk from Sugar Jones.  She talked about Blogging for good and lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down all the time.  I try to make my posts positive.  Even when I'm telling a story from my old life that was full of dispair and heartache... I try to find the positive side.  I have enough negativity in my life from some family members but I am a glass half full kind of person and I like to be happy.

One of my favorite speakers at SITScation was Laurie Turk from Tip Junkie.  I've been following her blog ever since I learned she was speaking but I didn't really know everything that she does.  Quite simply...she's amazing.  Her website has sooo much information and great ideas on really just have to go check it out for yourself.

During her speech, she had many tips for blogging.  I excitedly took notes and tried to soak up every word she said.  She told me to blog about what I've learned.  This is how she started, wanting to share what she had learned with other moms. I love sharing crafts I've made and experiences I've had.  Then she told me to Create favorite word.  I  am passionate about many things and hope that my enthusiasm is contagious.  Next, she told me to Create get what you give. I need to work on my special purpose.

She talked about forming a blogging alliance and my first thought was; who would I want on my deserted island with me and many of my favorite bloggers came to mind! I feel like I have an alliance with many of you....we care about each other's lives and are here for each other.

Now...the nitty gritty!  Creating! I often like to think of my blog as my house and you all are coming to visit me here.  I want you to enjoy yourself, have a glass of wine or cup of coffee and have a conversation with me.  And I want to keep you coming back for she suggests Mr. Linky Posts, weekly themes, contests, interviews and guest posts.

I'm really happy with my blog and some of the things I have going on here.  I love sharing my old journal posts and vlogging is my new passion!  I have so much to think about and things that I want to do and I'm just so excited!

this means Alli likes me

Lastly, Alli Worthington from Mrs. FussypantsBlissfully Domestic online magazine and Blissdom Conference. She asked me what my brand is.  My first thought was Folgers because I drink a lot of coffee but that's not what she was getting at.  Then I thought...well, I'm a Mommy and Wife and she told me I couldn't use those.  Well Heck. She really made me THINK about this.  And this is what I came up with.

I'm a humorous, crafty wino who entertainers people.

I'm not sure if that's a brand...but I like it and it fits me well.  I had dinner with the group of ladies that I pictured yesterday and we had the best discussion about blogging.  We talked about how careful we have to be with our words.  Alli told us that companies are scared of us because we wield so much power.  A disgruntled blog post against a company that we think wronged us can be devastating to them and we have to remember that everything we put online is there forever.  What kind of a legacy are we leaving for our children and grandchildren to google?

I decided that I like that what you read here is exactly how I am in person.  I don't put on a show and my blog doesn't come with rose colored glasses.  I'm real and that's the only way I want to be.

I also learned that I like having my finger and toe nailed painted.  I feel pretty and very much like Betty Draper!

All in all, Sitscation was a very positive experience for me.  I learned much, laughed often and drank $22 worth of coffee.


I'm having my skin cancer surgery 11:30am.  Alex and I will have matching stitches soon.

The only way to have a friend is to be one.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!! he did bust his head open good! WOW!!! and yet, he smiles! girl, i'll say it again, i just love you! and you are so true to yourself and honest....amazing! i can't wait to see you put all this wonderful knowledge to use!! :)

  2. Sure hope your surgery is a success. Looks like your boy got a huge OUCHIE!

    Thanks for sharing about Sitscation. It sounds like a great time and that the speakers were very interesting. It sure would be fun to meet other bloggers in person too!

    I share things I learned each week on Fridays--it seems I'm always learning something. I also started participating in a couple Mr. Linky things but so far haven't hosted one.

  3. I love that you are real too. I am grateful that I haven't seen that ugly side of blogging yet - it just hasn't been my experience.

    The people I've followed have been real, and positive, and they people they've introduced me to have been likewise.

    I think there's enough negativity out there without me adding to it, and I believe that if you don't have something good or helpful or encouraging to say - move along.

    I think you should do more vlogs. You're so entertaining on camera. Your expressions (and captions) crack me up! Not everyone can vlog. You got a talent there!

  4. You definitely inspired me! I am glad that you had a great time, and I think that being you, being honest, and sticking to what you want to share is important, because it is real, and it's you, not someone trying to be something else. I feel the same way. I blog about a lot of random things, some negative (in my life, what I am going through) and most positive.

    Good luck with your surgery.

  5. Sending lots of prayers and warm thoughts for your surgery today!!!

    I love that you blog the way you do! It is you, being you...real, open, honest. All blogs should endeavor to be this way!

  6. That is a super scary gash. I really hope that they don't have to cut you that much. Yikes. And good luck.

    I like to blog for the same reasons you do, and I agree that you should be real. I won't say anything on here that I don't say in real life. Sometimes if I think I have something controversial to write or something I'm upset about I'll wait a few days and still see if it is that important to me. I mean, do I really want my initial reaction to some things out there for all the world to see? Probably not.

    I think the blogging conferences are great. I hope I get to go to one... or two next year.

  7. Thanks for sharing what you learned at SITscation! :) So, Alex's timing is perfect for Halloween. Harry Potter perhaps? Best of luck today. You'll be in my thoughts.

  8. Hope everything goes well today. I like your blog and it's great that you are going to keep on doing what you are doing because it is working for you (and me too!). :)

  9. Ouch! He did cut his head open.

    Good luck with your surgery today. You will do great. I had the same surgery two years ago this December. (((HUGS)))

  10. Great advice. I wish I could have been there. I want to be totally "real", too, but I admit I fear the occasional comment of someone I've offended or turned off. 'Cause I am a wuss. So I keep things light and, well, BLAND. I will make an effort to just be me, flaws and all.

    I hope your surgery goes well. Take care!

  11. I hope your surgery goes well. Poor Alex! I bet that was a pretty scary moment for you. Mederma works wonders for forehead gashes (trust me)!

    Sounds like you learned a lot and I have to say you are great entertainment and make me laugh often!

  12. Goodness he did do a number on his head, I had to show the hubby this one. He thinks you are SUPER woman with all you did last week! Me I just heart you even more.. though I didn't see.. ME or MR. ELWAY mentioned in this post.. I'll let it go THIS time.. BlogHER I'm getting my own section on this puppy for that one!

  13. Hello my friend! What a wonderful time you had. It sounds like it was so fun and full of so much great information!

    I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to stop by yesterday. I am doing the single mom thing this week and it is kicking my butt.

    I hope everything goes well today for you. I am sending you hugs and prayers this morning.


  14. I was kinda feeling down today about the whole bloggy thing but then reading this you reminded me about what I really love about blogging. It is connecting with ppl. Thank you for this. Thank you for reminding me about this.

    I wish you well today and I will drink some coffee and some wine in your honor.


    PS ONLY $22 on coffee. You lite weight.

  15. What a great post with so many good points! I took away many of those things myself - the biggest one probably being that I need to define my PURPOSE and my goals with my blog, and I need to stick to them and not get off course. I absolutely loved meeting you, and I was so happy to see that you are a genuine, funny, FUN person! Your boy's gash is crazy - but what timing for Halloween, no? I didn't realize you were having surgery - sending lots of positive prayers and thoughts your way, and I hope all goes well.

  16. It would be awesome if your kids were Frankenstein and Bride of for Halloween. Alex is almost done!

  17. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, it's always nice to leave a conference feeling grounded in your intentions.

    Btw, I love your house too. I just wish it was closer. I hope you have a very quick recovery from your procedure today. I'm thinking of you!

  18. You are awesome and thats what keeps me coming back every time you post! I love that you are open and honest and REAL. When I read your posts I feel like Im sitting across from you at Starbucks having a girl conversation!

  19. sounds like you learned a lot at the conference. I'd like to go to a blogging conference someday.

  20. love your brand that you came up with...perfect. thinking about you today. keep us posted!

  21. Ouchie on the forehead!!!

    I LOVE that picture of you and Alli!

    It was fantastic meeting you and Bobbi in Vegas.

    And I hope the surgery went well.

    - Margaret

  22. Wow - so much to catch up on... I need to think about my own brand.

    And I've ALWAYS thought you were pretty authentic without any strategic enhancement (does that sound like I'm talking about plastic surgery?).

    Good luck with the surgery - and WHAT happend to that little boy's face? I have been out of the loop...

  23. I hope your surgery went well...those scars do heal. And I love that picture of your son...and the quote underneath it...and you.

    And also Alli, who is one of my nearest and dearest online...she is a big kisser. Well, I mean on the cheek. That girl loves to kiss cheeks. :)

    Hope your results are good!!!! xoxoxo

  24. I hope your surgery goes well. Your poor kiddo got banged up pretty good, didn't he?

    Sounds like the SITScation was a a success! Glad you had so much fun!

  25. Best of luck with your surgery; I hope it goes smoothly and that you handle it with as much grace as your little guy. What am I saying? Put your feet up and when the meds wear off and it's safe, point to your stitches and ask for footrubs, milkshakes and/or martinis. Thanks so much for filling us in on the SITSstraviganza. It sounds like a very valuable time. Except if someone asked me about my "brand," I'd hightail it out of there.

  26. Hey Lady!

    I made it over to you finally! First off - hopefully you are healing well and that the Dr was skilled and kind to you. No mixing the pain pills with your wine lady.

    Next - I am really glad that you had such a super fab time. You are the real deal lady - 100% genuine and authentic - that has always come across in your blogs.

    Keep on keepin on!

  27. Connie, I just wanted to say that I ADORE you! (love your sister too) and I hope everything went okay today at the doc's. So glad you had so much fun in Vegas, wish I could have went and met you all! Have a great night!

  28. Loved this post- sounds like you got a lot out of Vegas- and I love your brand- you certainly entertain me! I look forward to your posts!!!

    Hope all went well at the derm today.


  29. You make me smile.

    I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like you aren't so far away.

    Come to MN for a visit please.

    Thank you.

  30. Great post Connie, and I LOVE your brand :) Sounds like SITScation was a good trip for you!

  31. What a great experience you had at SITScation! I bet it was so exciting being there with all fellow bloggers. I think any time you get to be around others who like to do the same thing you do and are passionate about it, it's always super fun! Great things that you talked about...creating purpose and such. Sounds like it was very helpful.

    I love your blog! I think you're doing a fabulous job!

  32. Great post about the conference! I really love your "Brand" and I think it fits you well. I really do love your blog for your honesty and your humor! I'm glad that the conference made you more excited and motivated!!
    I wish you the best for your surgery and you will be in our prayers... Poor little Alex, I hope the scar will work with his Halloween costume... :-)

  33. Wow! Sounds like you had a great trip filled with little nuggets of inspiration. As always, thanks for sharing :)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!