Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Case of the Missing Shoes!

Yesterday...we had plans with Tracey to go to Tona for lunch. It takes a bit of planning to get us all out of the house and I usually make sure I have extra time in case something goes wrong. I was thankful for that extra time yesterday because I couldn't find Alex's shoes ANYWHERE! I searched high and I searched low. I looked in the car, I looked in the family room, kids bedrooms, the toy box, the kitchen cabinets, the refrigerator...well...I got hungry when I was looking so I looked in there since I already had the door open. I ended up putting a pair of shoes on him that are too big because I didn't want him to go barefooted.

When we got home...I searched again. Alex has been hiding things around the house so I tried to think like him. Still no shoes!

When Daddy put Alex to bed last night, he went to put his stinky poopy diaper in the pail and there were Alex's shoes. In the diaper pail. GROSS! Alex's other new favorite thing is to throw things in the trash.

I think it is time to go SHOE shopping!

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