Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bachelorette...The Good, Bad & the Ugly

I'm happy to say that I'm feeling better about things this week. Finally a few of the guys are standing out and I could see them with Jillian. It still baffles me that they make these guys all live together in a bunkhouse with one bathroom. No wonder they all try so hard on their dates to get a rose and move out.

We start off with a 1 on 1 date with Ed. He is a cutie and looks amazing similar to Denny on Grey's Anatomy.

Jillian took him away in a helicopter where she popped his cherry and they flew around pointing at things on the ground. They seemed pretty cozy and comfortable with each other until they landed on a building and Jill told him they were going to descend to the ground on a rope. Denny Ed is a computer guy...excitement for him is when he waits too long to back up his coding. He looks like he might crap his pants but does it anyway because I'm sure in the back of his mind he is scared of breaking Man Code and David beating the snot out of him.

Did you see that cute sweatshirt that Jill was wearing? They jump into the pool and have a little Hot Tub Harris moment. He tells her that he really likes her and is glad to be there and she says. DITTO. Is this a canadian thing? I've never heard anyone say ditto. Gosh, I hope that doesn't catch on.

They get cleaned up and have a romantic dinner on another roof top and Denny admits that he is a workaholic and is generally guarded. Jillian has a major crush on him though so she gives him a rose.

At this point they brake away to Life in the Bunkhouse and see the crew coming for Denny's Ed's bags and the guys chase them up the hill to see if they are taking them away or to the house. They're all bummed when they take his bags into the mansion.

Next we have a group date with 11 of the guys to a real live movie set where they will be making a little cinema called The Good, the Bad and The Ugly. They all dress up and start do scenes where most of them get to kiss Jillian.

Brad gets to go first and the guys are all critiquing his kiss and say it looks like he is kissing his sister but he thinks he is the Ultra Bad Ass Kisser. Poor Brad. They are all getting jealous and complaining.

Robby's scene with Jillian gave me goose bumps. Both times that they showed it! The funniest scene was the gay one between Mike and Michael. They all head to a wrap party in a penthouse loft and at some point end up in a giant hot tub. Tanner Pheet loses his mind and rubs Jillian's feet all over his face.

She is having a nice chat with Reid and admits that she thinks he is hot. He is about to go in for the kiss when Juan steals her away. He brings her a fresh drink and a blanket. He is such a gentleman!

Cut to Life in the Bunkhouse....David is ranting about Juan again and says he wants to beat his @ss and kill him. This guy is a complete nut job! Jillian gives the rose to Robby and again the guys chase the crew up the hill to see where his bags go.

The last 1 on 1 date is with Sasha who looks like a p()rn star to me. Did you like Jill's denim onesie with the yellow heels? They go to a car museum and take a bunch of pictures of each other. They ride in a Ferrari and then he tells her about a horrible accident he almost died in, that he has never been in love and he is now searching for the Mythical Unicorn. You can see Jillian's expression change and she grabs the rose and tells him that she can't be his Unicorn. Apparently she doesn't give Pity Rose's to the crazy ones....
Poor Sasha is immediately shown the door where an empty bus headed for LAX pulls up for him. Go Sasha...Go find that Unicorn!

Cut to Life in the Bunkhouse....Wes is singing Jillian's song AGAIN to all of the guys and they all look like they would like to cut the strings on his guitar. The crew enters to take Sasha's bags and they all run outside and see them loaded into a Mini Van. Oh no they say...he's gone. She is actually sending guys home!

Wes become very profound and says you can either live life and take opportunities or you let them pass you by. And then he takes this opportunity to sneak out and sing that song AGAIN under Jill's window and she invites him up. They say love don't come easy...but Wes does!

Finally it is time for the Rose Ceremony Cocktail party. David is stomping around, yelling and being a Toddler. He tells Jillian that he is used to being the top dog and he isn't getting any attention, he's not used to sharing and he has no patience. If I were Jillian I would have put him on the freakin naughty step!

Juan saves her takes her away and David becomes even more enraged. Fighting with Mark about him and when Juan walks outside he orders him in the house and then taunts him for doing so.
Tanner Pheet tells the camera that he wants some time with her to talk about more than sports and weather. He is just here to suck on some toes anyway! And when he gets his time and she lays her little piggies in his lap he could not contain his excitement and may have had a little accident in his pants.

And then it was time for the Most Dramatic Confrontation in Bachelorette History. NOT! The Toddler David asks Juan why he is here and he gives a good answer....he says he is 35 years old and hasn't found love. David taunts him some more about being 35 years old and then cusses and walks off. I *think* Robby looks at Juan and said, 'I agree with David', clinks his glass and then says he'll talk to him later. I rewound it twice. How could anyone agree with David? DANG IT ROBBY...I was starting to like you.

Tanner F and Brad don't get roses and David is picked dead last!

In the previews for next week....someone is telling Jillian that there are guys there that have GIRLFRIENDS! Who do you think has a girlfriend?

David~27 Trucking Contractor from Ohio
*First Impression Rose, picked by Globetrotters as match for Jill, keeper of the Man Code, wants to tie Juan to a tree and beat him, acts like a Toddler

Jake~ 31 Airline Pilot from Dallas
*gave her wings, first One on One Date, ABS of steel

Jesse~27 Wine Maker from California
*turned down Italy for Jill

Wes~32 Country Music Singer from Austin
*singing guy, winner of race & dinner

Michael~25 Break Dance Instructor from New York
*in gay scene with Mike

Robby~25 Bartender from Houston
*made her a ROZMO, great movie scene with Jill, agrees with David

Ed~29 IT Consultant from Chicago
*looks like Denny, popped his helicopter cherry, workaholic

Reid~ 30 Realtor from Philly
*been in love 1.5 times,

Kiptyn~ 31 General Contractor from California
*heartbreaker, great chemistry with Jill

Mike~28 Baseball Camp Owner from NY
*good catch guy, in gay scene with Michael

Sasha~ 27 Oil and Gas Guy from Houston
*looking for the mythical unicorn

Tanner P. ~ 30 Financial Analyst from Dallas
*foot fetish guy, loves open toed shoes

Mark~ 26 Pizza guy from Denver

Brad~27 Financial Advisor from Chicago
*co-winner of race

Tanner F. ~28 Sales Rep from Denver

Juan~35 General Contractor from California
*brought her wine, most hated man in house, dumps out his shots, gentleman, cheese-ass


  1. I said the SAME THING about Ed/Denny! I'm really liking Ed right now. Tanner "Pheet" was CREEPING ME OUT!!!

  2. Ok, I really need to start watching this show now! You're recaps are too funny!

  3. I guess I'm going to have to start watching too! You make it sound pretty dang interesting ;)

  4. LOL! Loved the post!! Tanner Pheet...hilarious! thanks for the post! i can't wait til next week so we can swap horror stories!!

  5. LOVED your review! and I had to laugh out loud because our titles were the same 'good, bad and the ugly' I hadn't even seen yours when I wrote mine up, but it was just too perfect, went right on with the show! :) Hope you have an awesome day!

  6. Great post!

    David is a psycho....the producers totally made her keep him (I think they made her keep Tanner Pheet too :)...he brings so much comedy to the show). We too (my hubby and I) could not understand what Robby said but thought it was that he agreed with David! Is he kidding? My hubs kind of looks like David and is pissed that he is turning out to be such a crazy guy :)

    I think Wes is one of the guys with a girlfriend. He is clearly there to sign a record deal. I can't WAIT for next week ;)

  7. Sorry, lovely. Still not watchin'. I'm glad you're not breaking up with me. xxx


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