Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Update...Buzz Off Bee!

Sunday & Monday....We pretty much just hung around the house all weekend. Calvin smoked some wonderful chicken breast and thighs and I did my juice fast (lost 3 pounds). Aunt Faith arrived and we had a nice chat.

Wednesday....The kids' and I went to Lowes because we needed some more stuff to plant because Mommy bought too much potting soil. Alex and Mallory picked out their own flowers and potted them. They did a fabulous job! We also planted strawberry plants and they are already blooming. Many of our herb seeds are coming up and our radishes are growing strong.

We also went to the grocery store and Mallory disrupted a group field trip for a bunch of Mentally Challenged folks. She wanted to push the child sized cart first and it was not her turn so she threw the mother of all tantrum at the front doors right as these people were entering the store. There was mass chaos as they all freaked out over the ear piercing screams of my child and were herded back out the door.

Thursday....Lazy day of laundry and cleaning. When Calvin got home we ran to Subway, got a couple sandwiches and took them to the park. Mallory is suddenly afraid of heights and Alex was a super's like some kind of Freaky Thursday phenomenon.

Friday...the kids tried to play outside but it was too hot for Mallory. Alex rode this ride-on thing that has no steering; back and forth across the cement until he ran out of shade. I figured out that having the Recession Garden so close to the backdoor has some drawbacks....because all of these flying bugs keep coming into the house and I freak out and chase them out with a broom. A GIANT BEE came in and I was panic stricken! It's buzz was soooo loud!

When Calvin got home we went on a little shopping trip to Target. Calvin needed swim trunks and the kids needed swim diapers and plastic pants for swimming lessons. Poor hubby. He has never purchased, much less tried on clothing in a box store and it was quite a shock for him. He's used to the attentiveness of the Men's Warehouse employees and didn't appreciate trying on his outfits in a topless box in the middle of the store with 15 other people. I think he felt just a little bit dirty when we left.

Finding swim diapers for our giant boy was....a challenge. Apparently they only make them to 37lbs size and my 3 year old is 44 pounds. The Swimming Pool requires swim diapers AND plastic pants. We also couldn't find the correct sized pants. We bought the largest sizes of both...hoping for the best.

Saturday...We had our first swimming lesson this morning. I was really nervous about having to wear a swimming suit....but Alex saved me from anyone staring paying attention to me. You see, my three year old that looks like he should be in the PRESCHOOL swimming class because he is a giant....screamed and cried for most of the class. Lucky for me, Calvin was his handler for the class and he got to deal with it. Mallory and I moved as far from them as we could and acted like we didn't know them. I feel really bad for all of those parents of INFANTS in our class that were video taping their child's first swim experience because they now have audio of my kid screaming his freakin head off. As for the lesson, 10 minutes into class they instructed me to blow in my daughter's mouth and dunk her under the water. Wanna know how that went over?
Does this answer your question?

And after I did it the third time...she looked at me and in her best Linda Blair impression said, 'GET ME OUT OF HERE!' As luck would have was almost time to leave because if I had sung 'the wheels on the bus' one more time; her head would have spun around.

My thighs and shins are killing me from 40 minutes water aerobics....I can hardly walk! I'm going to have thighs of steel by July!


  1. Connie, I loved your sweet video! Loved reading about your full week of fun too!

    Dang, that is one big bee!

  2. Tell Mallory that it is perfectly normal to be afraid of heights, bees, and now (thanks to you) water.

  3. The garden looks great. I love that song, I sing it to Z all the time :) We just got Z's Curious George Carrot Garden all set up, I will post pictures soon. I never event thought to do strawberries....I might have to go back to the garden store :)

  4. Your posts ALWAYS put a smile on my face!!! The kid's garden looks great!!!

  5. I remember doing that when we were in Target and Alex lost his shit over something, Mallory and I walked away like we didn't know you!

    I can't believe they made you dunk her head in the water on the first class! No wonder she got mad, or mat in her case.

    I love your video, your garden is great!

  6. We've never done swim lessons and you may have described exactly why!

  7. mallory looks so pose-y in that pictures, shes so cute.

    Looks like you had a nice weekend :)

  8. Water aerobics can be very intense!

    Great video! Please teach me how to do that. That was a big-ass bee and some adorable photos. :-)


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