Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Manic Martha: Cereal Postcards

Manic Mother

It's time for another Manic Martha Moment with Manic Mother! Today I am pulling a craft idea from the archives. Last August, I became Manic and Panicked that the summer was passing us by and we hadn't done much of anything. I concocted something I called, Fun Extravaganza and we did fun crafts and activities for a couple of weeks until I burned myself out. LOL! Click HERE to see all of the stuff we did.

We love to send (and receive) Mail so I made some postcards from cereal and other boxes. Alex and Mallory colored on the back....we love sharing our artwork with our family!

All you need to do for this one is cut your cereal/pizza/snack boxes into 4 inch by 6 inch rectangles and with a Sharpie marker, draw a line down the center on the blank side. Draw a picture or write a message on the left hand side and the address of your recipient on the other side. And a post card stamp is only .28 cents!

By the way, did you know that postage went up 2 Cents yesterday? It now costs .44 cents to mail a letter!

I bought Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts last week. I like a lot of the ideas in the book but most of them fall under the category of things I'll probably never make. However, my taste in crafts tends to change every couple years and I always keep my Martha Books so I could end up making some of them. It also makes an excellent door stop!

EDITED: My sister spent the night with Jen Lancaster. Go HERE to check it out. I'm so jealous!!


  1. What a great, clever idea! I love it. Thanks Connie!

  2. That's a great idea! I love it when you go all Manic Martha. It's awesome!

  3. That is a great idea. I must have missed it when you posted it during the summer. I will have to check out that Martha book - it looks good.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day Connie!


  4. I LOVE the postcard idea!!
    We will TOTALLY be doing this!

  5. I almost bought you that book and sent it to you for Mother's Day, but I figured you already had and surprise, surprise, you do!

    I love getting the arty postcards in the mail!

  6. Great idea! I need to compile a list of activities for when school is out, this is a good one as we have lots of cousins out of state!

  7. very cute idea :) found you from Manic Martha Moment! Fun fun fun!!

  8. Thats a great idea! My guy and I will have to try this one weekend.

  9. Great idea! I love crafts with the kids... so much fun! Thanks for the ideas.

    And your family helper? I totally need one this summer!

  10. That is great idea for coloring. I can't believe the postage went up on Monday - I mailed letters on Tuesday with the wrong postage - now I am waiting for them to come back so I can double up on the postage. It sucks!

    Stopping in from SITS to say Hi!

  11. Cute! When Jaxin was little he wanted to be a mail man. He loved to stand at the window and wait for the mail truck to drive by.

    He would have loved this project.


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