Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Unplugged!

Today is the day! I'm unplugged from all my electronic devices for the entire day! No computer, twitter, facebook and television. I am also going to unplug my washer and dryer!

I will be leaving my phone on. I don't have a land it will be on for hubby to call me and tell me he's coming home from work. And for emergencies. But I won't be accessing the internet from it. And no texting.

Instead, the kids and I have plans to meet our friends Monica, William and Kate at the Nature Center and we will plant some flowers and we will play! During nap time, I will read and work on my Vision Board. I can't wait to see how we do without all of these things that we depend on but probably spend too much time on.

I told Calvin about this challenge and he rolled his eyes at me. I tried to explain to him that my *friends* on my blogs, twitter and facebook are like my co-workers. You all are the people that I talk with and that most times help get me through another monotonous day. If it wasn't for the internet...I wouldn't have any adult interaction. It is a lifeline for me and I love it. But it is possible to have too much of a good thing and I realize that.

Ironically, Oprah is doing a show about living without TV, Internet and Cell Phone. I won't be watching it...until tomorrow!

Tomorrow....I will be back with pictures of our day!


  1. Have a fun 'unplugged' day!!! I am at work today and would give anything to unplug from this place...and a few of the people here! UGH!

  2. Good for you! I feel like unplugging for a month!

  3. Good Luck to you, let me know how it went! I thought I could take on this challenge, too, but it's impossible seeing that I'm at work in front of a computer all day! :)

  4. I applaud you for unplugging, but who am I going to talk to now?


    I was wondering why you hadn't commented on my blog today yet. You're usually one of the first ones. Now I know. Do it first thing tomorrow, because it's good! It's one of my massage therapist confessions!

  5. That is wonderful. I know when I was "unplugged" for 4 weeks back in December after the ice storm I got soooo much done! I was also a lot calmer for some reason :) I hope you guys have a wonderful day!

  6. I could stand a day or ten unplugged from the TV! Enjoy your time.

  7. I tried to do the week without tv, but it didn't last all but 3 days. WTG...I should really do the same. But I'm scared.

  8. I love that you were unplugging the washer and dryer also!!

  9. Dear Author !
    What entertaining answer


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