Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bachelorette ~ Get The Party Started!

I have been waiting oh so patiently for The Bachelorette: Jillian Harris Edition to premiere. Even my husband (who swears every single season that he is not going to watch this trainwreck show) was asking me when it was going to start.

A few months ago, I even did a post on my shopping blog about what I would wear if I were Jillian. I was thrilled when they showed her going shopping for her wardrobe! What a lucky girl!

I had the best of intentions for preparing to blog about this season of The Bachelorette. I was going to take notes and rewind lots of it to get quotes and I was going to drink wine! The first thing I did was trade my wine for an ice cream sandwich which kind of killed the mood for me. Then, as the guys were going introduced...I didn't like any of them. Except maybe that one guy that says he lives in Denver. But I only liked him because he lives in Denver. And the Billbro guy (real name GREG) was totally grossing me out! I almost threw up. And then the guy....the one that called her HOT TUB HARRIS! I would have sent his ass packing immediately!

Did you catch the breakdancing faceoff? I was kind of impressed that these guys could pull off these moves in their sunday best and that Jillian kicked off her shoes and tried to learn a few steps!

The show finally got exciting for me when the Fabulous Five walked in! Oh a twist! I do love me a good Chris Harrison Twist! The newcomers are Ed, Bryce, Reid, Tanner P, and Mike. I loved that Mike threw her a baseball and said, 'You are a good catch!' Totally loved that!

I was curious about why she kept Simon from England because the guy needed subtitles! How much fun will their conversations be? It was sweet that he wanted to make her a spot of tea....but I never did see her talk with him. Maybe the subtitle translator was tired from the introductions.

I have to comment about the First Impression Rose. My understanding is that you give it the person that most impressed you. Someone that stood out. Not the guy that froze up and couldn't speak. It's not called the Pity Rose!

During the rose ceremony....I couldn't help but laugh at Stephen (the lawyer from New York City) because his face was hilarious! He was obviously upset that he wasn't getting a rose and on his way out the door to the limo said that Jillian must not like AWESOME guys! LOL! Here is who she kept:

Dave~27 Trucking Contractor from Ohio *First Impression Rose
Jake~ 31 Airline Pilot from Dallas *gave her wings
Jesse~27 Wine Maker from California
Wes~32 Country Music Singer from Austin *singing guy
Mathue~ 26 Personal Trainer from Wichita
Michael~25 Break Dance Instructor from New York
Robby~25 Bartender from Houston
Ed~29 IT Consultant from Chicago
Reid~ 30 Realtor from Philly
Simon~ 26 Soccer Coach from England *thick accent guy
Kiptyn~ 31 General Contractor from California
Mike~28 Baseball Camp Owner from NY *good catch guy
Brian~ 32 IT Consultant from Atlanta
Sasha~ 27 Oil and Gas Guy from Houston
Julien~34 Restauranteur from San Diego
Tanner P. ~ 30 Financial Analyst from Dallas *foot fetish guy
Mark~ 26 Pizza guy from Denver
Brad~27 Financial Advisor from Chicago
Tanner F. ~28 Sales Rep from Denver
Juan~35 General Contractor from California *brought her wine

If you would like to read more posts or link to your post about this season....run on over to Mama Kat's.


  1. I'll have to get my updates from you because I don't watch the Bachelor or the Bachelorette anymore.

    Nobody stays together and it got stoopid.

  2. My goodness, girl! You are way too good with keeping track! I couldn't remember anyone and look.at.you. with names, details and all! Go girl!

  3. I cheated! I had to go to the website and look at their pictures and names and stuff.

  4. excellent review - I'll be tuning in every week to read! :) I (guiltily) love the bachelor(ette), and I look forward to "the most exciting rose ceremony in Bachelorette history!!"!!!

  5. Nothing gets my blood pressure up like The Bachelor/Bachlorette. For the sake of the baby I'm not watching it this season.

    I did catch the breakdancing competition while channel flipping though. All it did was confirm my reasons for not watching.

  6. To me... Wes is only there to further his exposure to would be singing contracts.

  7. My husband and I laughed through the whole episode. I don't think we have laughed that hard in weeks! The subtitles had us in tears ;) Looking forward to checking your weekly recaps :)

  8. Their really ISN'T a very good turnout of guys on this one. I don't know...hopefully a few will shine in the later episodes, but so far I am not impressed with ABC's matchmaking skills!!

  9. Don't hate me, but... I don't watch it. Please don't stop loving me. Remember... I drink wine! xo

  10. I don't watch this particular trainwreck, but I am so not above watching trashificently trainwrecked shows like, uh ::coughcough::RockOfLove::coughcough::

  11. OK...so excited to see the list of guys and descriptions. I always watch the first night but then forget who my favorites were!!

    I am a diehard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, and watch every single season. I know they never end up working out in the real world (except for Krista and Ryan, hellooo, they just had their second baby, hollah...)...but I still watch for the drama, the romance, the fights, the outfits, the LOVE, and let's face it...the eye candy because everyone is usually gorgeous!!

    And I always, ALWAYS think they are gonna be another Krista and Ryan. :)

    The bunch this season does have some duds, but they always do. There are some real gems in there, I think. My favorites include (referring to your list now, thank you!!!):
    -Jake (a DOLL, love him so far)
    -Kiptyn (sems sincere, and another hottie)
    -Sasha (loved how he was close to his Mom)
    -Michael the break dancer (he seems nice, funny, and FUN...wonder how much they will have in common, but we'll see)

    I think Juan is gonna be a troublemaker. I don't like his vibe.

    The lawyer's comment when he got the boot was HILARIOUS!!!!

    Thanks for the recap!!!

  12. I was going to watch that, but of course I never did. I think it looks like a fun show. I like the Bachelorette's much better than the Bachelor's. Fun update Connie!


  13. My pick for now (may change my mind) is Juan... loved him!! I loved doing my update too .. lol..

  14. I haven't seen the end yet, so I am sad that her hair was looking ratty. It was so cute at the start... ;)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!