Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Update...Scooby Snack Mutiny

Sunday...planted our Recession Garden. For details on what we planted click HERE. The kids are so excited to see what is in the dirt and I have given steen warnings not to touch or pull out any of the plants. They are super scared of the dirt nazi (that would be me).

Monday...laundry, laundry, laundy! And Mallory decided to sop up a puddle with her clothes. This girl loves a good puddle! The kids were so excited to water the Recession Garden and did a great job of sharing the watering can.

Tuesday...spent the day anxious about the Unplugging I was about to do. Soaked in as much internet, twitter and facebook as I could. Kids wouldn't take a nap and I thought about running away from home. We ate Subway at the park for dinner.

Wednesday....Unplugged! Looking back on our was very nice to not have the distraction of the computer and the TV. We read more books and I felt calmer. We had a great time at the Ogden Nature Center and we are looking forward to many more visits there.

Note to self: Always watch where you are walking at the NATURE park. You might find more nature than you bargained for and STEP in it.

Thursday...Alex decided it was 80's day and was channelling Jen Lancaster! Doesn't he look adorable? He even brought out the teen angst just for me. I found out that my friend Loralee had her baby on Tuesday night! Yay Aaron is here!

Friday...another beautiful day in northern Utah! The kids are bored with watering the garden. I see no puppies in our future. Mutiny ensues when it is revealed that we are out of Scooby Snacks*. We drove to Layton to meet Calvin and had dinner at Red Robin. Then Mommy escaped for some retail therapy and grocery shopping and the kids and Daddy went to the park. Have you been to TJ Maxx lately? I got a super cute green straw handbag for summer, some sunglasses, a pair of underwear and a crystal goblet! It's almost as awesome as TARGET!

Saturday...In an effort to jump start my weight loss (which has been very slow) I am doing a juice fast today and a colon cleanse tomorrow. I had to laugh when I went to the healthy food store and the cashier's comment about my supplies was *brace yourself*! Now I'm scared shitless to death. I'm mostly worried about the sugar and caffeine withdrawals that I'm about to experience. Wish me luck!

Potty Training Update: In the words of Alex....Never, never, never!

Job Update: We have heard nothing from the Denver company. I'm bummed....but also frustrated because the cost of living (housing) is so much more in Denver than Utah and we would have to downsize considerably. I don't want to move to Denver and not be able to afford the lifestyle that I want to live there. Does that make sense?

Here is the backyard tree that I told you about a few weeks ago!

*Scooby Snacks...little gummy fruit snacks that the kids are addicted to.


  1. Wow! What a week! I love the picture of your kids on the bridge. And "Never Never Never" is something I've heard, a lot... we'll see what #3 says after his surgery!

  2. I have an award for you over on one of my blogs!! Please go to to collect it!!

  3. You have the craziest most interesting weeks! Love reading about them! I give you are very brace to do the juice fast/colon cleanse thing! I am scared to try that!!!

  4. okay, Dirt Nazi, you are cracking me up... love the picture of them walking around- hope everything "comes out" okay with the cleanse..


  5. You had a busy week! I love that you are the dirt Nazi. That is funny. Saylor would LOVE watering the garden.

    I'm gonna have to head to T.J.Maxx soon to check out all the goodies.

    Good luck on that diet miss. I read about it on the other blog last night. Does NOT sound like fun. But I'll be interested to see how you do on it. That list was pretty convincing. Good luck!!

  6. Maybe I can be the Poop Nazi when I come to visit and see if I can get the kid to use the potty.
    But if you happen to find me curled up in a corner rocking back and forth saying "never never never", it could be that I'm never never never having children.

    Don't forget to Twitter from the shitter!!!

  7. I'm proud of you for unplugging. I wonder if I could do it for a few days...

    I haven't been to Loralee's place in a while, I'll have to pop over. I hope she and baby are well!

    Toddler Child and Alex must be related somehow. My child will NOT go to the bathroom in a toilet. He'll ask for a martini before dinner... but not toilet action.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of the kids on the bridge!

    So proud of you for unplugging!

  9. Breathe. Denver will happen (or some suburb). Potties will be trained. Colons will be cleansed. Shoes will be cleaned.

    Breathe, Grasshopper. Confucious says: Good things shall come to you in the mail...

  10. What a busy week! I like the 'calming' effect of unplugging - but can only imagine the screaming that will come from Sarah when I turn off Playhouse Disney - ugh. Keep your chin up about Denver, if it's meant to be, it will happen.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!