Monday, May 11, 2009

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Have you ever been somewhere....and felt like you were exactly where you were supposed to be? A place where you can feel the energy and your body responds to it in a positive way? I suppose I feel a little like Jack from LOST and Denver is my Island.

I drove past our old house on Saturday. I do this every time I visit Denver but I never photograph the house because it looks so different....the big trees in the front yard are gone and there are now shutters and flower beds. I drove around to the park behind the house and I sat in front of the playground. When I was pregnant with Alex, we would walk around this park at night and I would imagine how much time I would be spending here with my children.

I plucked a sprig of Lilac and headed to breakfast with Denise from Eat Play Love at Blue Sky Cafe. I love meeting blogging friends and she is fabulous! Our conversation was fast and covered many topics. It felt like I was chatting with an old friend....not someone I had just met for the first time. We talked about my desire to move back and she encouraged me to do what I need to do to make that happen. We also came up with a Twitter Name for Calvin. NitNots!*
I'm so upset that I forgot to get a picture with Denise!

We visited a couple toy stores in our quest for Potty Training bribes materials for Alex. The plan is to give him a piece of track for each successful PEE and a train/bridge for each POO. I'm having a shirt made for him...


My concern is that he will be so conditioned to receiving a toy for each potty experience that he will only potty at Toys R Us! DOOD! That's a 30 minute drive each time the kid has to crap!

We ate an awesome Sushi lunch at Mikuni in the Park Meadows Mall and the kids sat at the Sushi Bar for the first time. I stuffed myself and developed a small crush on my Sushi Master Jimmy. But isn't he adorable?

I couldn't wait for my date with Calvin! We saw David Copperfield at our favorite venue. The Buell Theater in beautiful Downtown Denver! Imagine our surprise when we drove up to our favorite parking lot and there is now a high rise building going up there! We had great seats and we made out like teenagers. David was already working his magic....

Calvin was looking at the playbill and there was an ad for WICKED and he said of all of the shows we have seen he would love to see that one again and I said, 'you really want to see it again'? and he said Yes and I said when is it going to be in Denver? He looked and saw October...the same time I have a trip planned for his birthday and he figured out that I had bought tickets! I'm so glad because I SUCK at keeping secrets!

The show was wonderful and I was hit in the head with David Copperfield's Balls! It is an amazing show! We walked along the 16th Street Mall to our favorite restaurant...Gumbo's! It was a beautiful night and we held hands and talked about some of our favorite times. We enjoyed a delicious meal and a couple glasses of wine and we talked about our future.....we both got tears in our eyes as we discussed how much we wanted to be back in Colorado and how happy we are with our kids.

And then the super models walked in. It was Prom Night in Denver and a group of teens were there for dinner. The girls were all tall, thin and tan! Wearing slinky gowns and tons of make up. Then I had a Oatmeal Cookie Martini.**

see how happy Calvin is to be in Denver?

We walked back to our car and pasted our favorite hotel. We thought about sneaking in for a quickie....
And this is when it hit me. This is where our story really began...this is where we fell in love and this is where we belong.

I am now on a get us back Denver!

*NitNots is the dull character from Imagination Movers that doesn't like things to get too exciting.

**Oatmeal Cookie...Jagermeister, Cinnamon Schnapps, Baileys, Butterscotch Schnapps.Shaken and served with a Cinnamon Sugar Rim

this song came on as we drove back to my in laws house Saturday night.....

Oh my Candida
We could make it together
The further from here girl the better
Where the air is fresh and clean
Oh my Candida
Just take my hand and I'll lead ya
I promise that life will be sweeter
'Cause it said so in my dreams
The future looks bright
The gypsy told me so last night
Said she saw our children playing in the sunshine
And there were you and I
In a house, Baby
No lie
And all these things were yours
And they were mine
Oh my Candida

Candida...Tony Orlando & Dawn


  1. What a beautiful and romantic post! Wow, sounds like you had a great time...

  2. So, is that Calvin's go to outfit when y'all go out? That's the same outfit he wore when you were in Vegas.

    Sounds like you two had a blast! I hope you can make your move back to Denver soon!

  3. I can hear the longing in your 'voice' for Denver, I hope you're able to make that happen! Sounds like you had a wonderful time...

  4. What an outing! I hope you get back there soon. (Am so going to try the martini....)

  5. Only you would quote Tony Orlando and Dawn! And now I want an Oatmeal Cookie Martini.

  6. I'm glad you had such a nice time. You deserve it, Connie.

    I LOVE Park Meadows Mall. We lived in Castle Pines North so I was spoiled!

    You're cute...

  7. That sounds like a blast. I know what you mean about feeling like you belong somewhere, I hope you are able to find a way to go where you are happy.

  8. What a great weekend! I hope that you can make your dream of moving back a reality!

  9. DYING over your imagination movers refrenece.

  10. So glad you had a wonderful time Connie. You should follow your heart. I felt the same way when we were living in the Bay Area - that we were meant to be somewhere else. But, I HAVE to meet you before you move away, ok???

    Good luck with figuring everything out. I love that name you gave Calvin - so funny!


  11. It sounds like you had an amazing time! And it is so abundantly clear that you all belong in CO! Your heart is is so obviously your home. You must follow your heart...send your intentions out to the universe and make it happen! :-)

  12. yes indeed what a great post...sounds like you really some defining moments.. Picture next time, I promise!


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