Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Being in the Moment

I have to tell you that I was a little anxious going into this challenge. A large part of my day is spent on the computer/iPhone and I depend on them to provide me with entertainment, news, information and a CLOCK!

I realized this morning that I haven't worn a watch in years because I check the time on my cell phone which is always attached to me. I also realized that I run to GOOGLE a million times a day when random thoughts pop into my head.

I also check the weather and news from the computer. I felt out of touch.

I started my day by sitting down on the couch with my cold brewed Iced Coffee and my Jen Lancaster book Bright Lights, Big Ass and I read for about 20 minutes until my darling son woke up. He immediately asked for a show and I told him we weren't turning the TV on today. He thought I lost my mind. We put together a puzzle. Then we read books until his sister got up. Then we read more books after breakfast.

Finally it was time to head out to our activity for the day. Ogden Nature Center! We had a great time with our friends and saw birds and Deer and some turkeys. I am still trying to find an exercise calculator that will tell me how many calories you burn carrying a 23 pound toddler through the woods with a 45 pound Preschooler attached to your leg. Check out our photo's not very long.

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Kids were tuckered out and took a good two hour nap and I cleaned the kitchen and read my book. Then....things went terribly wrong. Children woke up cranky and started fighting with each other. There was lots of crying...mostly from me.

At 5:10pm, I remembered that Calvin said he was going to be very late coming home. At 5:11pm, I made popcorn chicken for Mallory and poured myself a glass of wine and got into my new comfy pink jammies and slippers. At 5:19pm, I turned on the TV and went back to reading my book.

Lesson learned: I do need to cut back on my time on the computer. There are many other things I need to and would like to be doing. But I can't cut it out completely. It was nice to have a break and focus on the kids....that is where my main focus should be. I am a doer and I thrive on being busy but I need to take the time to be in the moment more.

And man! I missed my friends!


  1. Now you have me scared! I watched Oprah and we are going to try it for a whole week :) My problem is not only the internet but since I got pregnant I use the TV as a crutch. I really need to cut back on Z's usage. I might let him watch one show a day (instead of 4-5) but I first want to try to go cold turkey. Oh I am nervous...we start Tuesday.

  2. Raising Z...Don't be scared. You can do it! It is just seriously hard to quit all of these things at once. I think because we are home all day long and rarely go out to do things (just once during the week) that the kids and i are really attached to these things.

  3. I think a balance is what we are all looking for. It is hard to find but sweet if you do:)

  4. Welcome back! Well you did good for most of the day. I'm glad you turned the TV on for the kids. You guys played, read books, walked outside, etc., so there is nothing wrong with a bit of TV watching after all that, you know? ;)It is all about finding the perfect balance... :)

  5. We missed you too!

    I went without the internet most of the time I was out with Heather waiting For her to foal. It was hard!

  6. OMG, good for you!I dont think we could have lasted that long w/o the TV... or me without sending a text or updating my Facebook status. What has happened to me! Actually, I am lying :) our computer died 4 weeks ago so I have been semi-unplugged, using my Blackberry for all things net! I like you consult Google 999 times a day.

  7. I love that place! You go some great photos. Now that summer is here I have no problem unplugging and have been spending more time outside.

  8. Looks like such an amazing place!

  9. I took over a week off from the computer and have really tried to cut back on TV. I've been reading books, playing with my kids, actually getting things accomplished. I know that I have spent the past 2 1/2 years on the computer, some of that time at the expense of more important things.

    It's so hard to find that balance, you know?

  10. That nature place looked so cool. We don't have anything like that here just a normal old zoo.

    I could go without tv and internet all day, but I am addicted to text messaging, I don't think I could let go of that. Its the only thing that gets me through the work day (shh don't tell the boss)..

    Also I commently understand the lugging the toddler.. only for me its my 9 month old who is 20 pounds of dead weight lol, least yours can walk. Mine was 2 months premature so he can't even crawl yet.

    Your family is adorable.

  11. The only times that I've taken the day off from the internet, it's been work related. I think this sounds like a far better reason.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!