Sunday, November 15, 2009

We Need a Little Christmas

Yesterday, I wrote about not having any Christmas Spirit. I'm sitting here listening to my Christmas playlists from previous years and working on my list of things that needs done. It's working....I think I'm feeling the mojo returning. Plus...Bobbi threatened to cram it down my throat....

I also think getting out with the girls last night really helped recharge my batteries. I met up with  The Real Housewives of Utah, Lauren, Stephanie, Kim and Loralee at Bistro 258 in downtown Ogden and I ate until I was sick! I had the best time....these gals are so much fun and I felt so comfortable and included. A feeling that has eluded me much of the last 3 years. Thanks ladies!  

My friend Liz at Sugarplum Creations had a great idea to link up each week to show the cool crafts and stuff we're doing with our kids through the holiday.  We have elves that will be here on December 1st and they do and bring stuff all through the month.  And I want to do crafts with them this year...I think they are really ready!

My List....

  • Figure out gifts....start buying some of them.
  • Find and purchase Christmas Ornaments for the kids.
  • Find and purchase Christmas Jammies.
  • Get boots for Alex
  • Buy stocking stuffers 
  • List of things for the Elves to do/bring/get into.
  • Buy M and M's™ for the Advent Calendar.
  • Decide what cookies to make.
  • Write Christmas Letter
  • Take Christmas Picture of kids
  • Mail Christmas Cards 
  • Mail Presents
  • Put away Fall Decor
  • Put up Christmas Decor

I can't believe I forgot to mention a little challenge I'm having at my food blog.  Check it out!


  1. Sounds like a sane and happy plan for Christmas!

    I'm a list maker too. :) Drive my husband insane.

  2. Out there in Utah
    Do you have any snow?
    Maybe once you see some
    You will sing "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

    As for your spirit
    you must be like me
    I usually don't have much
    til' I set up my tree!

    Until Christmas Mo-Jo
    gets you feeling fine
    Well, I recommend
    drinking oodles of wine!

  3. I'm getting a baby for Christmas! Isn't that best present ever?!??!

  4. I put up one Tree...
    need some Christmas too,
    It's the biggest one I have...
    took me all day to do.

    The tree is all done
    in colors, red and gold,
    Broke two of the bulbs...
    didn't care, truth be told.

    Didn't have the Spirit,
    nor did I have any wine.
    Decorating would have gone better
    since either would've worked fine!

    By the time I was finished,
    I was throwing on things,
    can't mess up a tree
    when it's covered in bling!


  5. Oh my goodness Sheila! I am so impressed! Wow you are a poet! And you didn't know it!

    Ha ha!

    I used to have two families
    now I just have one
    Cuz the two different sides
    Have now become one!

    Now we are all just crazy
    as you can plainly see
    Isn't life just lovely
    with one big family!

  6. Oh my gosh, those comments are so hilarious! I'm seriously not going to even TRY to write a clever poem, b/c I've never been good at that, lol. Bah-humbug!

    I need to get crackin on the Christmas spirit this year too! We listened to Christmas music in the car today, so maybe if I keep doing that it will get me going.

  7. Rachel and are the best!
    You make me what to get more fest (ive).
    This wine I'm drinking is so tasty.
    Makes me what to do the nasty.

    Fit Mommy...lists are all the rage.
    I'm sure Martha made them in the cage.
    If I don't make them I go into a rage.

    Yaya darling, you are blessed
    A brand new baby is the best
    Now it's time to feather your nest
    And rid of any swingy pests.

    Amber sweetheart, I hope your fine.
    I think you could benefit from some wine.
    Of all the bloggers you are the most kind.
    Of friends I'm glad to call you mine.

  8. Oh Connie, that was so sweet!! I feel so special. I'm glad to call you mine as well! And ya, you're right, I could definitely benefit from some wine. Now if only I liked it!

  9. I'll have to go check out Liz's blog and see how to link up with you guys!!!

    Glad to hear you are cheery :)

  10. Im still not feeling the spirit...Im trying to plan too many things at once right now!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!

  11. So glad you came the other night - it was so much fun! In fact, it reminds me of this one time, on the West Wing...

    Consider us your peeps, girl. Anytime you need a recharge, just hollar - we'll be there in a flash to admire your coffee, make you kiss BlogDog and giggle maniacally over fabulous food.

    I'm also so pleased to have discovered your delightful blog! It's so refreshing to find a mom of young kiddos who's real and yet optimistic. Thank you for posting your "get in the Christmas mood" list - it has inspired me to do some of these things with my family in order to help us all have a great holiday season. It can be such a tough job as a mom to set a good tone in your home (especially when you're feeling overwhelmed) but it's so worth it.

    Look forward to seeing you in my Reader from now on!

    Lotsa Love,


  12. real housewives of utah?!?!?!?! hhaaaa! i love it!! it sounds so.. not-scandalous! good luck finding the holiday spirit!

  13. You're on your way, darlin'! I got out my notebook last night too. Time to get things or-guh-nized!

  14. I like your list, and already checking things off. The only thing on my list right now is "make a list", so I better get to it! ;-)

  15. I am so happy you have found your Christmas Spirit....I was so worried about you (good job Bobbi!!!). I read your other post over the weekend and couldn't bring myself to comment....I think of you as my "Christmas Soul Sister" and I couldn't imagine a day where you wouldn't have the spirit of the season! After all, the first post I ever read from your blog was a year ago....the post all about the Elves :) You are the reason we had an elf last year. So I am happy to see that you found your spirit once again!!!

  16. Yeah, my favorite was the "real housewives of Utah" - too funny!
    I'm so happy you are getting your spirit back, you'll make your kids really happy!

  17. LOVE IT!!! "Real Housewives of UTAH" - that is the best!

    And, I too need to make a list of things to accomplish in the coming weeks. *sigh* But, I think I keep putting it off because I am afraid of how long the list will be.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!