Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's That Smell?

If you're reading this....then I'm in Denver!  WOOT!  

I watched one of those fashion red carpet shows the other night. They were televising the red carpet for the opening of New Moon. I like watching these things because I like clothes and since Rachel Zoe and I have become BFF's I feel like she expects me to sit there with a cup of Starbucks ™ and critique the stars.

I thought everyone looked really nice and I thought it was lovely that Kristen Stewart made an effort and wore a dress but she clearly forgot to wash the shampoo out of her hair. All through the show I was distracted by this guy.

But not because he's hot or anything because DOOD...I'm old enough to be his Mommy, but because when he smiles....he always looks like he just smelled a fart.  I'd never be able to date him because I'd constant think I smelled bad.

I hope you all had a GREAT time at the movie!


  1. Haha this made me laugh! I don't know anything about Twilight and the series but looking at this picture and reading your comment about smelling farts had me giggling!

  2. My sister just LOVES him and wants to have his children. I'm with you. I'm a wee bit too old for him. And I never noticed it before but he totally looks like he smelled a fart (which for some reason reminds me of Joey from Friends and his soap opera acting)

  3. :-) He does have that look about him. Too funny!

  4. Did you know that guy is dating Taylor Swift? Yep. Taylor and Taylor. How cute. Or not.

  5. Hahahaha!!! You are so right! I totally see that now, lol.

  6. And poor Kirsten Stewart needs a stylist like the desert needs the rain. For everything. Hair, posture, personality, clothes. Awkward.

  7. LOL. I agree. I don't get all the mommy crushes and on these kids. Glad to know it isn't just me.

  8. Thats hysterical!

    Doesn't he date Taylor Swift?

  9. Ha!! So true. I mean, I think he is beautiful {in a non-creepy sort of way} but when he smiles it is kind of awkward.

    Yes, throughout the movie I kept thinking, and even told Tahner once, that she needed to wash her hair.

    I am totally repulsed by greasy hair. How people don't wash their hair every single day is just beyond me. And totally disgusting.

    And how do you walk the red carpet with greasy hair!!??? I'm convinced that even if they washed her hair 2 hours before, they'd make it look that way on purpose.

    YUCK!! That has to be the worst fashion trend EVER.

  10. Yeah, he totally has that "eeew I just smelled a fart" look going.

  11. LOL - I was just thinking his smile is pretty weird, too! He doesn't do anything for me either. But Zac Efron does, and I'm old enough to be HIS mommy! (shhhh, don't tell)

  12. I haven't seen the movie yet.
    (I tried the 1:15 matinee.)
    Alas, I get to the front of the line
    "New Moon is sold out." They say

    Since I'm already there, I ask the guy
    "Can I get tickets for the next show in advance?"
    He says, "Yes". I buy my ticket.
    (I can now do my Happy Dance.)

    So here I sit, once again
    whittling my time away.
    (Got a little time to kill
    until the 4:30 matinee.)

    But later on I'll see this show...
    then join in on your movie review.
    (I'll see any of these fashion trends
    matter from a guys point of view!)

  13. My son's in Denver! Give him a hug for me! He plays/sings withthe Vergers. They might e playin around town somewhere.

  14. Yup, he has a weird looking snarl/smile (guess thats why he plays a dog) but with abs like that who cares?

  15. LOL! He does, he totally does.

  16. OMG you're killing me..."looks like he smelled a fart" girl thanks for making me laugh!

  17. I do not get the appeal of that Taylor Lautner ... and you're right ... he does look like he is smelling something bad.

  18. I guess that was a chick flick.
    I heard their "oohhsss" and "aaahhhss".
    A theatre full of giggly girls,
    cell phones and training bras.

    You'll experience de-ja-vu
    watching the opening scene.
    It's Belle's birthday again.
    She's having her "I'm old!" dream.

    She gets a stereo for her birthday.
    The giver has installed it.
    But when Belle and Ed drive away...
    the system sounds like shit!

    Jake gives her a 'native' gift
    that should help her over night.
    Dreamcatchers can't destroy nightmares
    if they don't see the morning daylight!

    You are right about Belle's hair,
    but I feel that you should hear it...
    Most guys don't care about your hair.
    It's your eyes, your 'tude, your spirit!

    And I don't know if vampires
    can lose their hair somehow.
    But if Edward's hair ever falls out
    he could 'comb over' an eyebrow!

    When Jake morphs into a wolf,
    a completely different species,
    his mass increases, his clothes blend in...
    Ain't that load of feces?!

    The cast was mostly dressed in earthtones.
    (Looked like they'd rolled in dirt.)
    The girls didn't like that look on Jake
    so were happy when he removed his shirt. :)

    There were weak spots in this movie
    and yet it gave hope to aspire...
    If immortality doesn't cost my soul,
    I'll be a vampire!

    It had a happy ending.
    (Well...I thought it was fine.)
    I hope I have some fine young thing
    when I'm one-hundred-and-nine! :)

  19. You have a lot of comments
    from names starting with 'J'.
    I hope I didn't jump my turn
    and take their time away.

    Some either don't read your comments
    or their cranial gears don't shift.
    I'm going to be like that, too!
    "Doesn't he date Taylor Swift?" :)

  20. SO funny! My daughter loves him, I prefer Edward. I finally saw it last night. It was very entertaining.


  21. I think he's just practicing his snarling for his wolf act.
    I'm glad you said that you don't like him "in that way"... I totally don't get these grown women liking these skinny (although HE does have muscles), pasty, little boys... Where are the MEN???

  22. I never really paid attention to the way he looks when he smiles. I am usually too distracted by the thought of the rock hard body underneath the cloths. And, now, I am sure that every time I see a picture of him, I will think of this post, and that he looks like he is smelling farts when he smiles.

  23. OMG you're funny :) I think his teeth are too white and perfect - think they're real? Taylor doesn't do anything for me - now if you'd like to talk about Robert...


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!