Monday, November 9, 2009

Have you seen my notebook?

NaBloPoMo....Day 9.

I have an excuse.....for why I'm posting so late today. 

I lost my little notebook.  It's my idea book and it has all of my blog ideas in it and my menu for Christmas and notes about crafts I want to make.  I'm organized to a fault and I can't find it anywhere!

Also...I got an order for altered Clipboards from my dear friend Cari (I can't wait to tell you about Cari's business!) and my printer ran out of ink right as i was getting started.  I order my cartridges online because otherwise they cost more than I paid for the printer and it takes a few days for them to come.  I tried to get Calvin to just buy me a new printer and I could feel him rolling his eyes from 20 miles away.

I decided to turn over a new leaf this morning.  As soon as I got up...I took a shower, put on REAL clothes and some make up.  This new routine is being instituted out of necessity. You see...I rarely have anywhere to go and I live the life of a shut in.  I have a bad habit of staying in my pajamas for a couple days at a time because I'm not going anywhere so why get dressed.  And I intend to take a shower but sometimes the opportunity doesn't present itself until around 3pm and then I think...why bother. 

Teri from Mighty M Family just told me on twitter that I should look for my notebook where Alex tried to hide the popsicles today.  Great Idea!  That's heard me.  Alex tried to hide a box of popsicles in his room since I will only let him have ONE a day.  Little stinker!

So...I sit here with no thought about what to post about accept things that are on my mind.  Like what the hell was Rachel Zoe thinking when she fired Tay-Tay on Friday.  I'm freakin out like a crazy person about it and of course you know I think it is BA Nanas.  

I'm heavily addicted to the song 3 by Britney Spears.  LOVE IT!  I've been playing it over and over again.  And my new rule of thumb is to NEVER look up the lyrics to her songs because they are always different than what I'm singing and are usually something dirty that I shouldn't be singing in the SUV with the children present.

And last but not heart is heavy and I can't stop thinking about Grace Hill. She is the 15 month old baby that was run over and killed in her driveway on Saturday afternoon.  She was playing in the yard with 5 other children while her Dad and a friend were digging a pit with an excavator and loading the dirt into a truck.  The friend ran her over and didn't even realize it.  She died at the scene.  I just can't figure out how this happened? 


  1. I am always so sad when accidents like that happen to kids, it just shouldn't be so. I always think I am SO CAREFUL. Isn't everyone? How tragic for everyone.

    Sorry you didn't find the notebook! Hope it turns up free of sticky popsicle fingers!

  2. I hope you find it. If not you are just going to have to wing it, like the rest of us unorganized mortals. ;)

  3. My heart goes out to that family. That is a tragedy.

  4. That is so sad Connie - I hadn't heard about that. I can't imagine...

    I hope you find your notebook soon! There is usually at least one thing I am always looking for around here.


  5. holy crap that just broke my heart....i can't even imagine....i don't even want to......i'm gonna go hug my baby girl now...

  6. Ugh. Hadn't heard the story about the little girl yet.
    How terrible.

  7. OMG. That is so tragic. Something very similar happened to my stepmother's little sister when she was three (I think), but it was her mother backing out the car. I can not even imagine how you move on with your life after that. Accidents just happen. It is tragic and horrible and sad, but they happen all the time, every day. Lots of prayers for that family and the man that did it. I'm sure he is going to have a really hard time.

  8. It makes my heart hurt for days when I read things like that. Ugh. It makes me wonder how they will move forward with life.

    Find your notebook yet?

  9. Maybe your notebook ran off with my daughter's library book. Which I can not find for the life of me. Sigh.

    I like your shower idea, I am so that person, getting dressed to pick up Sj at 2:00 from school. At least I do get dressed eventually, right?

  10. I can't wait to see those clipboards! I will have to try ordering ink online, I got screwed on the price at Staples where I bought it last week.

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I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!