Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Club, Bachelor and a Brawl

Today is a smorgasbord of information! 

I was not able to post a recap of The Bachelor yesterday because I had a special post up about how I found the love of my life on eHarmony.  If you missed it...hop on over and check it out because I'm giving away a $100 gift card and there are two chances to win.

Bachelor Recap in one paragraph

Belize is beautiful and Ben is clueless. Lindzi gets a date where they jump from a helicopter into a blue hole and then they put a message in a bottle. Emily's date finds the happy couple catching their own lobsters and talking about Courtney. Courtney gets her own date where she shows her true colors...but Ben doesn't see them.  On the group date, after swimming with sharks,  a few girls tell Ben to tread lightly and he takes it as a person challenge. Rachel and Emily go home. It's down to the final four...Lindzi, Courtney, Kacie B and Nicki.

Book Club Announcement

Today, Mimi and I are announcing our next book club selection!  I have to tell you....I really enjoyed all of your comments and participation on the Facebook group.   MWF Seeks BFF would not been as fun to read without it!  This month we are reading......150 Pounds by Kate Rockland.

If you would like to be in the running for a copy of this book, all you have to do is leave me a comment saying I WANT THE BOOK.  I will pick the winner on Friday night!

Here's the snopsis from Amazon:

A smartly-written novel by author, Kate Rockland, of two women starting at opposite ends of the scale--and finding compromise and friendship in their journey towards 150 pounds
In the fast paced life of blogging, two women stand out: Alexis Allbright, of Skinny Chick, and Shoshana Weiner, who writes Fat and Fabulous. Both have over five million loyal readers. Both are hungry for success. But the similarities stop there. 
With over 100 pounds on the scale separating them, weight isn't their only difference. Alexis is a loner who is so bitchy the only person who can stand her company is her gay best friend Billy. She gives neurotic New Yorkers a run for their money with her strict daily workout routine, and weighing of food. Shoshana is Alexis’s opposite. Living in Jersey with rowdy roommates, she is someone who “collects friends,” as her mother puts it; and treasures a life of expanding circles...and waistlines.
When both appear as panelists on a popular talk show, their lives intersect in ways neither could have imagined. In turns comedic, heartwarming--and familiar to any woman who's ever stepped on a scale--Alexis and Shoshana realize they have far more in common than either could have possibly imagined, and more importantly, something to offer.

The Brawl

Come back hear all about a little altercation that I got into last week.


  1. I really want the book!

  2. I just sent a request on Facebook to join :) I'm headed to Amazon to download the book to my Kindle right now :)

  3. I want the book! I've never heard of the book, but blogged this a.m. about how I'm a MWF who wants a BFF - how funny!!!

  4. I WANT THE BOOK! :)

    I think this looks like an entertaining story. I hope to read it and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer this month. lol

  5. I want the book...and I didn't even use all caps, don't want you to think that I am yelling and have no manners.


  7. I really really REALLY want this book!

    Ohhh you got into a brawl. No way I can't believe it... Ok who am I kidding, I can totally see you throwing down. Lol

  8. Oh I forgot to say... Courtney sucks! I almost felt bad for her when she was crying, but that changed fast. Especially at the end when Emily went home & Courtney who calls all the others "girls" "because they aren't even real women" says"see ya wouldn't want to be ya" as she beebopps around. I totally wanted to slap her!

  9. I hate Courtney. Like, I can't even concentrate when she's on...because I'm imagining the "kill shot."
    Ben is WETARDED for keeping her around.
    I feel like it's gonna be Kacie B.
    I felt like that from the beginning. So it better be her or I'm gonna puke. :)

  10. I WANT THE BOOK!!!!!

    I can't even watch this season's Bachelor any longer. I hate Courtney that much. And Ben is clueless.

  11. I WANt the book! I started reading the free preview on my iPad and it seems like it will be a great one

  12. I want the book...and I want to play book club!!! Do I just join or do I have to go through a series of hazzing tasks like running through town yelling 'I love books' in the NUDE. I hope that isn't the case...cause I haven't been great about working out lately ;)

  13. i want this book and hi i'm new here

  14. I want the book!

    The cover makes me hungry!

  15. The book sounds really interesting! I want the book!

    The Bachelor was kind of infuriating! It just pisses me off that Ben refuses to see how horrible Courtney is. I think at the end of everything, when he sits back and watches the episodes and sees all of the volatile-horrible things that come out of her mouth, he'll see what everyone was trying to tell him. I just hope at that time he hasn't already proposed to her! It nauseates me to think that he might very well end up with her.

  16. I WANT THE BOOK! :-) Really. And the cupcakes on the cover. Can that be arranged as well? ;-)

  17. I want the book! I can't wait to participate in the group!

  18. I can't believe Cun...I mean Courtney is still on that show. I'm super pissy about it.

    I WANT THE BOOK please!

    A brawl? Is this the one I already know about?

  19. I read the first chapter in amazon last night..... I want the book.......!!!! yesterday. Also I joined if you give a blogger a book, last night and I'm really excited about that!

  20. WTH is wrong with Ben????? I thought he had a nice time with Emily. And she is smart! If he ends up with Courtney, I smell a rat, I tell ya!



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