Monday, February 13, 2012

Bachelor Ben Drinking Game: Week 7

I'm really irritated with ABC today. Last night they played a never before seen episode of Pan Am out of order.  It should have aired 6 episodes ago and made for a really confusing and frustrating hour.  I guess since they are planning to cancel Pan Am they didn't care about the order.  They should have just left that one out.

Anyway, Ben and his ladies are in Belize this week.  Next week, he heads to four of their hometowns so this week is very important.  The question is....will the black widow get a rose this week?

Take a small sip of your drink when:

  • Someone complains about Courtney.
  • Someone cries.
  • Someone risks their life on a date.
  • Someone threatens bodily harm.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • Someone says *winning*.
  • A helicopter appears.
  • Someone says they are falling in love with Ben 
  • Someone laughs maniacally.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.
  • Someone swims with sharks. 
  • Someone you don't like gets a rose.  Finish your drink if it's Courtney.

rock paper scissors lizard ben


  1. I really really hope that Courtney gets schooled tonight!
    And Ben should apologize to Emily for telling her to "tread lightly." I'm still pissed about that. LOL

  2. Also. Do a close up on that last picture. Someone does NOT look good in a bikini!

  3. That's RACHEL! I think she's been doing some stress eating.

  4. Oh, whoa.

    If SHE can wear a bikini, then I most certainly can!

    And I might just wear it tonight while watching.

    With my wine.

    All alone and pathetic.


  5. @ Carrie! If I owned a bikini...I'd join you!

  6. I only had time to watch half this episode last night! I can't wait to see what happens during the rest of it!!!

  7. Oh my shark chum, Connie. You kill me. Personally, I'm beyond THRILLED that Courtney "earned" a hometown date (and surely has the rug burns to prove it.) Can't wait to see what kind of parents spawned that monster and take some notes so I can do the opposite in my child rearing.

    And did you SEE what a natural she is with the tarantula wrangling? WINNING!!! (I got the ro-ose.)


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!