Monday, February 13, 2012

Roll In The New Year....Late

If I left you hanging about the status of our lease on our apartment....I'm sorry.

We took a hard look at our finances, looked at houses for rent in the area and decided to stay for at least another year.

I was devastated!

As you know, everything happens for a reason and I know this is where God wants us to be. A week after we made that decision, we discovered that Alex may need to repeat Kindergarten. Full day Kindergarten which would cost us around $300 a month.

The good news is that we got a few things upgraded! We got a new toilet and burner pans for my stove. WHOOOO HOOOOO!

I also realized that this apartment complex gives me blog fodder once in a while and I'd miss that.

Two weeks ago, on January 31....there was a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole and spied an old lady. She looked harmless so I opened the door. It was one of the church ladies that has adopted our complex and she had something for me.

She wants me to bring the kids to craft day in the clubhouse!  

I thought the concept for delivery of the note was very clever but also a few weeks late.

I was also ousted as the Mayor of my complex a few days ago.

And now I've made it my personal misson to oust Snoop Dog and become The Mayor again. 


  1. I would miss your apartment stories a lot, so I'm glad you didn't move. ;o) Maybe it really is for the better.

    When we lived in our apt in Florida, we had a similar living situation for 2 years. It was awful. But you know what was worse? When we moved out, bought a house, and then lost $10,000. That's much worse. If I could take it back, I'd have stayed at the apt and gotten used to being called mamacita by my high next door neighbor.

  2. Things likely worked out just as they were supposed to for now.

    Snoop, t.p. have writing gold all around you!

  3. Aside from the letter that says "Roll in" I would have totally thought ya'll were being invited to go TP some houses... might have been fun, right? Now, how can we get you moved back up to Mayor!?!

  4. $300 a month?? HOLY SHIZ! Move to oklahoma. They can go for free!

    Whatever you do, don't tell me anything about foursquare. I don't need to get involved.

  5. That's a lot of freakin' money for KG! It's a charter, but still, it should be less than that, right?!

  6. I am echoing the 300 shock!! Yowza!

    Fun at the clubhouse, huh?? The toilet paper has me confused. Is it crafts using the toilet paper? Maybe that's how you ROLL there. :) (shush.. it's Monday)

  7. That is too the TP part of the craft or just a special gift you can treasure forever? :)

  8. bahahaha Snoop Dogg! I would miss your apartment stories. you need to do more of those!

  9. Sorry you have to stay- but yes, as you said you just don't always know what is going to happen next, and sounds like you are being watched out for.

    And I am guessing your son goes to a private school? That is expensive kindergarten!

  10. OMG...I could definitely be mayor of my tiny complex. There are four units and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who knows what 'Apps' are.

  11. If you agree that it'd be the best thing for Alex, then the 300 bucks will be worth it. Maybe the current mayor will be implicated in some kind of embarrassing scandal and you will replace him sometime soon. What kind of mayor wins while wearing sunglasses? I want to look in their eyes and see character. Good luck and good blog fodder, Connie.

  12. Mayor seems beneath you, go for President...or Queen...

    At least you have tp to go with the new toilet..

  13. Silver linings... No one enjoys reading about fantastic neighborhoods with super normal new friends. Snore.

  14. Having had kids that went to public school, I too echo shock at $300 for KG - OUCH!
    As for Snoop Dog (TeeHee) I think you will have no problem ousting him as mayor in no time. =)
    As soon as the time is right, you will be blessed with a home.


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