Monday, February 27, 2012

What Not To Do At a Dinner Party

About a month ago, I watched one of the Harry Potter movies....I think it was the fourth one and it had that scary smooshy faced guy who you aren't supposed to talk about in it.

I commented to my husband that he looked like our friend John.  Except John has a nose.

And then I told John's wife and then I thought the better of it and told her to please not tell John.

Over the weekend, we were all gathered together at a friends house for dinner.  Debbie had gone to the restroom and John says to me, 'so you think I'm ugly huh?'  I denied thinking this with much head shaking.  Then he said, 'you think I look like Voldermort.'

I then had to try to explain myself and reveal that I secretly have a thing for bald guys....but he wasn't having it.

Debbie came back in the midst of the chaos and I told her what happened.  And this is when she yelled at him in front of everyone that he wasn't supposed to tell me that she had told him that I thought he looked like the scary smooshy faced guy.  I guess I know who I won't be telling my deepest darkest secrets too.

And I will think twice before telling ANYONE that they look like The Dark Lord.


Have you ever caught your husband looking at someone's boobs?  I have really never caught iKeith looking at another woman or he's super good at concealing it.

I snapped this picture at the same party and I captioned it.....Are you sure you don't want to hear about all of the apps I've made for the iPhone?

Someone on facebook noticed that it looks like iKeith isn't really looking into her eyes while he's talking to her.  I didn't even notice!


  1. Awesome! Love it!

    I think iKeith is looking at her wine. ;)

  2. "Are those sequins on your shirt?"


  3. This is hilarious. You know, at least you had a chance to explain yourself, so if he hadn't brought that up, you'd never have that chance. I've never caught my husband staring at boobs. Not sure he knows where they are. Maybe that's why he brings a magnifying glass to the bedroom.

  4. Bahahahaha! Your hubs was BUSTED.
    And, hello, your friend is bald and really white...lots of guys are like that and could totally pass for He Who Must Not Be Named.

  5. Oh, Lord I wanna hang with ya'll!

    First the fart guy the other night and now this!!


  6. This photo cracked me up when I saw it on instagram! :o)

    And yeah, unless you're telling someone their husband looks like Bradley Cooper, you should probably keep those opinions to yourself...or at least other friends who can keep their mouths shut. ;o)

  7. Oh my god I just spit out my water reading this....too funny! How incredibly awkward :) He does look a bit like the dark lord and that picture below is AWESOME

  8. Yep, gotta keep those things to yourself, I've learned the hard way. Only tell them to your hubs.
    Bill and I actually discuss women's boobies together, we point them out to each other and try to figure out if they are real or not. =)

  9. Two things...

    1. That post cracked my crap up!

    2. I just read your blurb above the comment box, so freaking funny.

    OK, three things...

    3. Have I told you lately that I love you?

  10. Boobs...Men... It's like a law of nature.

    I actually DO have a thing for bald guys. Boyfriend is bald. And I think He Who Shall Not Be Named would probably be pretty good know, if he had a nose and whatnot.

  11. I noticed my dad looking at a strangers rack one time- yea that was embarrassing.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!