Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Jammies!!

I knew that I wanted to start the tradition of getting the kids PJ's for Christmas every year and then many weeks ago, I came accross these great PJ's on the Children's Place website. The best part was that they sold ADULT PJ's too! So I got me and the kids matching Christmas Jammies. I was so excited!! I let them open them on December 1st...the first day of Advent.

Here is a picture of Erick after he opened the package. A wonderful friend of mine gave me these fabulous Jingle Bell Socks and I put them on Erick. He looked like a little elf!!

It was much easier than I thought to get the kids to pose with me next to the tree! But Meghan, is just so mesmerized by her brother that she won't look at the camera. After seeing us in our nice warm jammies....I bet Daddy is sorry that he didn't let me buy HIM a pair!

NOTE TO MOMMIES: These PJ's are so super warm! I will be buying more of these for the kids because for the first time in weeks, Meg didn't wake up with cold feet!

Also...the adult PJ's run VERY big!

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