Sunday, February 24, 2008

The One About Mommy's Mental Health Day!

Hubby was out of town for four days. The last time he was gone...two weeks ago, it wasn't too bad. He was only gone two days that time and the kids slept well and were well behaved.

This time didn't go as well. Mallory was teething (two top teeth) and Alex was missing Daddy and would demand to see him at 2am. I think Mallory cried the entire four days. Let's just say...It was rough.

They were so happy to see Daddy when he got home. Mallory smiled for the first time in days and they didn't let him out of their sight.

I really needed to get away so I left Saturday morning for some Therapy.


I started out at Starbucks. My plan was to go to Super Target and to fully enjoy Super Target, I must have a Venti White Chocolate Latte FULL FAT with Whip. The Target's in Utah do not have Starbucks in them like they do in Colorado. Just another one of those irritating things about Utah.

Luck for me...there is a Starbucks across the street and it has a drive thru. I pulled up to the side of the building and stopped in front of the box.I was supposed to pull up to this box but I stopped just short of it and waited to place my order. It took me several minutes to realize that I had pulled up to the WRONG box. I was idling in front of the TRASH CAN. I know you have seen them....they have a long shoot coming out of the top so you can deposit your trash from your vehicle. Yeah, or tell it what you want from Starbucks.

Laughing my butt off, I pulled up to the right box and placed my order. I guess I was in need of a break much more than I thought!!

I have been on a self-imposed Target Fast. I wasn't supposed to go there until March 1st but it was an emergency. A retail therapy emergency. Once I got my coffee and was headed in the direction of Target...I could feel my pulse quicken and I got little butterfly feelings in my tummy. I knew it would be just a few short minutes until I was over the threshold. I quickly parked my car and entered the building. I basked in the warm glow of the Target sign as I walked through the door, and instantly...I felt it.

I was HOME!

I walked through all of my favorite isles getting more and more excited as I examined all of the pretty things. And then....I saw that they were putting out the gardening supplies and I had couldn't control it anymore...

This is the family blog so I am going to stop right there.

Like a bad boyfriend that treats you badly and takes all of your money....

Target....I can't quit you!!!!

My next stop was Joann's Craft & Fabric Emporium. I found a really cool quilt that I want to make for the kids for summer but the fabric that is recommended would set me back a hundred big ones and I figured I could find some just as cute.

I was wrong. I was in Joann's for over an hour. Looking and looking. Trying to match fabric to this one cute fabric with cars and trains on it, but basically finding nothing. I decided that my life would be much easier if I was a knitter and not a quilter. I dream about quilts and fabric and it is really annoying.

I left there and went to a store I have not been too before. At Hancock Fabric, I found the fabric that would work for my project and the best part was that it was all on sale.

For 15 bucks!!!

Here is what I got:

Now you have to wait to see what I do with it.

Here is the quilt that I just finished! It is Nana's Christmas took me longer than I expected to finish quilting it.

BREAKING NEWS: Alex has a fever. 102.3 But he isn't acting sick.

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  1. I love the fabric, but the ordering Starbucks from a trashcan is CLASSIC. Too funny. Totally something I would do...even on a good day.

    Thanks so much for linking!


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