Friday, February 8, 2008

The One About PooPa!

Meghan and Erick have a Poopa. His formal name is Grandpa Fred aka Grandpa Weiss.

I can't quite remember where the Poopa nickname came from....but I think it had something to do with him being full of .....

Anyway, little Meghan is the apple of Poopa's eye. He thinks she is the most beautiful baby that was ever born! He spoiled her at Christmas time with $100 to buy her special birthday outfit and when he read the blog post about the little red outfit that I found for her, he sent Meghan this email. Yes, she has an email address already.

You tell your momie to go get that dress and POOPA will send her the 20 bucks.

My little girl really look good in RED.



Then I few minutes later....I got this email...demanding that I purchase the outfit.

DAMMIT you get her that RED dress YOU HEAR.


So...Poopa! The outfit has been ordered and Meghan wanted me to tell you THANK YOU!!!

Is she spoiled or what?

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