Saturday, February 2, 2008

The One About The Stairs!

Where in the world did last week go? I can not believe that it is already Saturday afternoon.

I guess last week was not very eventful because I can't remember many of the things that happened. The only real thing that I can recall is that Meghan has become a very skilled stair climber. She is now flying up the stairs to the kitchen. She has discovered the fun toy on the front of the fridge that makes all kinds of noise. She likes all of the animals except for the cow. That cow scares the heck out of her and makes her cry. She is also very stealth, I think I am going to put one of those pet bells around her neck.

She was playing so nicely with it, unlike Erick who just likes to throw the pieces on the floor and see how far they will go. And then Erick taught her how to do that. Now she plays with it for a few minutes and then throws the pieces on the floor. Erick also showed her where the food storage containers are kept. I still can't believe that I have never tripped over any of those and knocked myself unconscious.

Here is a photo of me and Erick. Don't we look alike?

I just got word that Gymboree has a new line of cute clothes coming out for Easter! I think it is time to apply for the Gymboree Visa Card. Whoo Hoo!!

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