Friday, February 22, 2008

The One About The Valentine's Package!

Since the kid's don't know when Valentine's Day is...I told my Sister that she could mail her package to the kids late. She just started selling Mary Kay and we were waiting for her to get her samples so she could send some to me.

The box arrived today and the kids had a great time opening their bags.

Mallory opened her's in private so that Alex wouldn't steal her stuff. I was really excited to see that both kids got little boxes of chocolates.

Later....I found her trying to hide her chocolates from me. Look at that face. She is clearing telling me that they are her's and I am not to eat them.

And here they are all hopped up on chocolate, KFC and root beer!!

Thanks Bobbi!

And Thank You Nana & Poopa and Grandma Diane & Grandpa Bob for the cards and money!!

Daddy made it home safely from Alabama and Mommy will be taking a mental health day tomorrow.


  1. Omg that last picture is sooooo cute of the 2 of them!!!!!!

  2. Hope your mental health day went well! Your kids are adorable and sneeeeaky...


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!