Thursday, April 7, 2011

Popular....I was Popular!

Mama’s Losin’ It

1.) Your 15 minutes of fame.

The spring that I was in the 5th grade, we had a school wide art contest.  We were given several different materials, such as cardboard, yarn and construction paper and told to make a picture of our home.  This contest coincided with Fire Awareness Week and there would be winners, a plaque and a trip to a local fire station.

I made my project out of cardboard (for the roof) and yellow water color.  It was an exact replica of my house.  I also put a fireman's lader up to the front window because I wanted the firemen to know the best place to get into my house in the event of a fire.  Even at 10 years old....I was thinking ahead.

I won 1st place for the 5th grade.

There was an assembly and all five winners ( WINNING ) were brought up on stage.  They made a huge deal about it and we all ended up having our picture in the local newspaper taken in front of the  firehouse.

Suddenly....I was popular!  Everyone knew my name and would come up and talk to me.  The principal also knew my name and would chat me up on the playground.  I had more friends than I knew what to do with and I was invited to sleep overs and birthday parties.

In our class year book....everyone voted for me for Most Artistic.  This really pissed off the one girl in my class that really was artistic.  She could draw pictures freehand and could paint amazing pictures.  She hated me.  Sorry Holly.

Sadly, when school started in the 6th grade everyone had forgotten about my little art contest and didn't remember my name.  My 15 minutes of fame was over.


  1. That's an awesome story and a great memory!

  2. Just as well, really... with popularity comes so much responsibility. And seldom are the "popular" girls EVER remember as nice or an all around great person... :)

    But fantastic story!

  3. Popularity was overrated, right?

    I was popular with only the boys. Hmmm....I wonder why?

  4. That's the problem with 15 minutes of fame. It always ends.

  5. My fourth grade teacher decided to give everyone awards in class. We did art activities, made up stories, danced, etc. Everyone voted on things like, most creative, Funniest (class clown), best dancer, most athletic, etc. I won best dancer. My best buddy was REALLY mad at me, saying I stole her dance moves. We all did the same dance that was instructed by the teacher. Sigh.

    Never can make everyone happy! :D

    Cute memory for sure!

  6. I didn't have the right clothes to be popular. In my opinion...all of the cool gifts were dressed to the hilt!

    And this is why I dress my daughter from Gymboree and my husband doesn't understand.

  7. To be popular in 6th grade is BIG -- I was never popular at that age!!


  8. I didn't have the right clothes to be popular either!
    I wasn't popular in the fifth grade, but I totally peaked in fifth grade if that counts. LOL

  9. I was never popular in school - that's great that you won the contest. At least you had a little bit of fame before 6th grade started!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today and for commenting! hope you'll come back to visit often.

  10. I know right! I even got a shirt with my name on the back so they'd remember my name.


  11. Being popular in 5th grade is HUGE

  12. eh popularity is highly overrated

  13. Connie, you're more popular now than evah! This story makes me love you even more!
    (Sorry Holly!)

  14. Fleeting fame, how sad.
    Not as good as this fam. Now you are known and LOVED by lots of peopleall over the place.

  15. But still - SO exciting!! Do you still have the art?


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