Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Here's What You Missed....

Last weekend....I had lunch with some Colorado bloggers at a restaurant that I'd been wanting to try ever since I moved back to Denver.  It did not disappoint!  I also had so much fun and the time just flew by.

I took this picture right after I told them a story about my boy Alex.  It went like this.....

Alex came out of his room the other day without his clothes and asked me if I wanted to see his password.  I told him I'm password protected.  I then texted iKeith to tell him what his child was up to and I told him this gives a whole new meaning to...please enter your password. 

I love this group of ladies!  Thanks for inviting me to join the group Denise.

I'm too sexy for cupcakes...I like pie.

I went to Whole Foods with my best girl on Sunday and we ate the most amazing Raspberry Danish that I've ever had.  It was so good....that I can't stop thinking about it.  I tweeted/gowallaed about it and forgot that iKeith follows me on Gowalla and I that I informed him that I cheated on my diet.  Opps.

While at Whole Foods....I uncovered a conspiracy. 

They are trying to force people to buy the re-usable bags for their produce by not re-filling the plastic bags.

I also bought something healthy....that made me gag, but my daughter loved it.  She wants me to buy more....but it's $2 bucks a pop. 

My kids met the Easter Bunny at the mall.  Mallory ran to him like he was her long lost friend.  She was so happy.  Hours later at dinner....she informed us that she'd thought about it and that he was NOT the real Easter Bunny.  He was wearing a costume like the fake Chunky Cheese guy.  How long til she doesn't believe in Santa anymore? 

I was at Target a few days ago and I needed to buy some new soap for iKeith.  Because I buy every single product that is advertised on TV,  (I'm looking at you Wholly Guacamole) I looked at the Old Spice products and discovered that they are marketing a line of body wash to the LGBT community.

Just a note here....if you're having sexy time with your main man and you're trying to be funny and say....Please Enter Your Password.  Do Not follow that up with...I'm sorry, your password is not long enough.

Totally kills the mood.


  1. That Easter Bunny looks totally stoned, no wonder why Mallory didn't buy his act.

    I have to admit that I studied that Old Spice picture for a good 5 minutes. I don't understand any of it. I've just decided they meant to type SHOWERTIME but there was an error in printing.

  2. Dude, I totally choked on my coffee at that last line!

    Those of use married to computer geeks appreciate these kinds of jokes.

  3. Oh that password line cracks me up. I will have to try that. :) Looks like a fun gathering of girls!! Love the captions!

  4. I was merely chuckling as I read through this. "Your password is not long enough" made me choke on my coffee. hahahahha!!!

  5. Love the joke and thank goodness we don't have password issues! I'm so glad the ridiculous photo made the cut (and not the i'm not even drunk, drunk photo). BTW, if I'm there, you're there, that's my philosophy and we are sticking with it.

  6. I'm with Viv! That's what I was gonna say for real!!!!

  7. Your last word joke is killing me.

  8. I can definitely see how a man would not be happy with his password not being long enough.

  9. or worse if you added, "this password is weak" ;) AWESOME. I know I can always find a laugh over here. The soap had me going too!

  10. I will follow it up with your password is tooooo long and I'm pretty sure he'll love me even more.

    You are too funny!

  11. You crack me up all the time.
    I'm so glad that you got to have lunch with some wonderful ladies and then had some time for yourself.
    Too funny about Alex and his password... You definitely have children of techies. :)

  12. I'm sorry, your password is not quite right......

    love it!!!!!

    you & iKeith have the best sense of humor....


  13. How did I miss this post?

    You are so freaking funny!

    Can I confess something to you? Will you tweet it? Maybe I shouldn't...oh who cares. I had to Google LGBTI had no clue what that was!

    Yes I live in a bubble!

  14. A month later... Seriously - I'm catching up on a month of reading. I usually try to only comment on the more recent posts - but I LOVE this one. The picture with captions is adorable - and "Chunky Cheese" cracked me up! I want to move to CO so I can go to luncheons with you and Denise.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!