Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Not To Do...Selling a House

Whenever I see a house for sale near me....I'm always compelled to look for it on Realtor.com.

We aren't in the market to buy a house because we have zero money for a down payment but I can't help looking for houses for sale.

Does anyone else have this affliction?

No, just me. Great. Let's not tell iKeith. I've convinced him that it's a chick thing.

There is a townhouse for sale directly across the street from me.  I'd never in a million years what to live there because they are all squished together with what looks like cardboard for walls.  This beauty is only $100,000.  What a freakin bargin!

I started looking at the pictures and I just shuttered.  What is wrong with people now days?  You put your house up for sale....you HIRE a realtor to sell it.  They tell you that they are going to take pictures.

There is NO excuse for this.  None.

First of all. You all know that I adore having a laundry room IN the house but I'm not sure I'm crazy about it being in the kitchen. Check out all of the water containers. Are they growing pot somewhere? Are they very thirsty? Diabetic? I have to go pee just looking at the picture.

Torture Room

I'm calling this one the torture room because of the bare naked light bulbs.  This room would have been super easy to tidy up before the photographer showed up.

Hey Target

I'm calling this picture HEY TARGET.  Is this their next home?  I'm so confused by why these folks have a Target cart because up until a few weeks ago....the closest Target to this house was 6 miles away. Just so you know....there is a facebook group for people who steal carts.  I wonder if Target would make me an honorary Crazy Christmas Lady if I told them where their cart is?  But seriously, you have STOLEN property in your backyard.  Do you remove it before the pictures are taken?  Something to think about.

This just proves that I've GOT to get out of this neighborhood.  I'm surrounded by idiots....and killer squirrels!

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  1. Hard to say which is my favorite, but I'm kind of loving the washing machine in the kitchen.

  2. These people obviously need the Target cart to carry all their water to and from their car. Regardless. It's a disaster.

  3. As a realtor (although not active) - those pictures are criminal - does the realtor want to sell it or not? They don't get paid till it sells, so you would think that's a no brainer - but those pics are a no brainer too....or so I thought.

    Yikes! Btw - you can get an FHA loan for 3% down and usually can get seller to help with it (if you have decent credit scores) so don't let no money stop you from taking advantage of this amazing buyers market!

  4. Maybe the kitchen shot is supposed to be out of House Hunters International on HGTV? I see the washer/dryer/kitchen combos on that show ALL the time. ;)

  5. The washer/dryer in the kitchen just seems like it's too....right in the MIDDLE of the kitchen.

    Dari! Thanks for FHA info! Good to know!

  6. I think it is a lot more common to see a W/D in the kitchen in other countries...but I've seen it done way more nicely than that! You should start a business helping people prepare their homes for sale!!

  7. I literally snickered out loud. (SOL?!? no, I think that has a different meaning...)

  8. It always makes me wonder what's going on in the other rooms, when the only pics they post for the listing look like this... Are these the cream of the crap?? ...could it be worse in the rest of the house?!

    p.s. I like to look at houses for sale too as a past time... lol!

  9. I do this too!! Me me me! I'm a stalker.
    I also do it when I find out someone I know is selling...I wanna see what it looks like on realtor.com or coldwell banker or whatever. LOL!

  10. WOOT! Real Estate Stalkers UNITE!!!

    @Laura...Cream of the Crap!

  11. I take it a step further and actually go to open houses and those modular home lots where you can just wander around the homes. I love it, I used to do it mostly because I played The Sims and love building the houses but now I do it because I'm a big weirdo.

    Who steals a shopping cart?? Like, I totally don't get it!

  12. LMAO!!!! I'm always looking at houses too! We're homeowners but I'm constantly compairing to see if ours measures up {it always does}. The houses on either side of us are for sale {do we smell?} and I just look at the outside and want to ask 'what are you thinking?' Hows about we chop down some of those dead trees first or mow the three foot tall lawn? lol {Can you tell that I REALLY like my neighbors? not!} haha Totally going to have to do a post like this!!

  13. Oh

    Seriously, what is WRONG with people? I think they're crazy. Let's see how quickly their house sells looking like that.

    Also, I'm not a big fan of having washer/dryer in the kitchen but I've seen it on house plans before. I guess it's better than having it in the garage. Then I would NEVER do laundry.

    Umm...the stolen cart is interesting. Why do they need it? Wouldn't a wagon work better?

  14. That house is just scary. I bet there are drugs in the bath tub.

  15. No, no, no, no, no. Do they not have a Realtor who wants to help them sell? Even if they only have one brain between them, they should know to clean up first.

    I look too. I even don't like it when it's daylight savings time-change and our early morning walks are too bright to see inside people's homes. I don't care what my neighbors are doing... I just want to see how they've decorated.

  16. I love looking at houses on the Realtor.com. I had to stop because I was kind of obsesses, and we aren't in the market either.

  17. Their real estate agent is an idiot!!! I am always looking for houses, we will never be able to move because we bought at the height of the market....but a girl can dream!

  18. I TOTALLY have this affliction!!! Excellent advice too.


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