Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Business Buddies

What is going on in the bedroom? Describe a memorable sleeper.

This is one of my favorite stories about iKeith.  I tell it to new friends every single chance I get and bring it up around iKeith's family even more.

When Keith was growing up, his parents ran a large foster home for children.  When he was older, they had transitioned into caring for older mentally challenged men.

For some bizarre reason...they would take these men to Blackhawk to play the slots and there was a deal where you rode a shuttle bus and got a room.

Keith went with them one time and he was rooming with Carl Stanford.  Carl was in his 50's and quite a character.  He really admired Keith and liked spending time with him.  Oh and he wore a suit and tie all the time.  Carl liked to suit up!

They got up and headed down to meet the other's in the breakfast room. As they got on the elevator a young couple jumped on; there was an awkward silence as there often is on an elevator.

Carl broke the silence by informing this couple that he and Keith had slept together and that they were business buddies.

Keith quietly interjected that they shared a ROOM not a bed, while the couple tried to stifle a giggle.

I believe this was when Keith stopped gambling.....

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Are you getting up early tomorrow to watch the Royal Wedding?


  1. I think that might put me off gambling, too. Poor Keith.

    Here via MamaKat.

  2. hahaha - I love when men put themselves in holes like that, it happens more often than it probably should, lol

    And well - you know what I'll be doing for the wedding. Go read the program! It's like a giant spoiler, hahaa

  3. OMG! I would have not been able to control my laughter had I been that woman. Poor Keith!

  4. It sounds like Carl wanted a little more from iKeith and that was his way of HINTING about it.


  5. That's hilarious.

    His parents must be really special people.

  6. Seriously, laugh out loud. That was awesome!

  7. Poor Keith. I would have stopped gambling too.

  8. I bet the couple didn't know how to respond. What a moment!

  9. I'm totally picturing Keith and Carl as Tom and Dustin in Rain Man! :)

    I am not going to watch the wedding...

  10. Bwahahahahahha! That's funny, girl.

  11. Poor IKeith...that is so FUNNY! I was up at 6 with lil C and we tuned into the royal wedding. I had no intentions of tuning in but we were at the lake and had to stay quiet so as not to wake up the rest of the house. I LOVED her dress but I have heard a lot of people hating it. I thought it was beautiful and elegant.


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