Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Guardian Angel named Paul

I talked a couple weeks ago about iKeith being lucky. In addition to that, he also believes that he has a guardian angel. And his name is Paul.

When Keith was 5 years old he was camping with this parents, his 3 year old sister and his baby brother. Paul was just 18 months old and very tall for his age. He loved to run and he loved his big brother.

The family was camping in the mountains above Denver, because my father in law was scouting hunting locations. A mistake was made and gasoline was used in a kerosene heater, which caught fire....burning the tent and his sister and brother while Keith and his mother watched in horror.

A man in a neighboring campsite ran to help them. He saved Keith's sister, the sleeping bag burned to her little body. But Paul didn't make it.

Ever since then...Keith has felt like he's been saved in certain situations because someone was watching out for him. He's convinced that it's Paul.

A day doesn't go by that I don't pray that my family and most importantly, my children are protected. Having this tragedy in our family makes me constantly aware of what could go wrong. I'm always thinking ahead to what could happened and how I can prevent accidents. It's always in the forefront of my mind.

I truly believe that God has protected the kids many times. There is the obvious time that he kept them from finding a LITHIUM pill that Robert accidentally lost in our playroom in Utah, not to mention the Hobo Spider invasion. Miracles I tell you!

Saturday was a great day!  I had a lunch out with a bunch of wonderful bloggers at a great restaurant.  I came home and had two peaceful hours alone before my family came home from the mall.  We decided to go out for sushi and were headed out the door when Alex fell down the stairs outside of our apartment.

He fell from the very top step just as I was shutting the door behind me.  I raced to the stairs and before I could even get to the first step......he was at the bottom.  I can tell you right now that the sight of your child tumbling down a flight of wooden stairs doesn't leave you.  You see it happening again and again every time you close your eyes.

When I reached him, he was crying and clung to me.  We checked him from head to toe.  His ear was red and his glasses were misshapen but he.....he was fine.  We asked him if he wanted to go back inside and he wiped his tears and said no.  He wanted to go out to eat.

We monitored him all night.  Asking him a million times if he hurt anywhere and if he was okay.  When we put him to bed...I sat on the end of his bed for an hour just to make sure he was fine.  I would have stayed there all night but he woke up and he told me to go to my bed.  Mom's can be so pesky.....

He woke up this morning and was the happy smiling boy that he always is.  I asked him if he hurt....if he was sore anywhere.  I checked his body from the top of his head to his giant size 13 feet and he doesn't have a single bruise or scratch.

God did it again.  Someone, maybe Paul was with my baby as he tumbled down those stairs and kept him from being hurt.

Miracles baby!

Edited: Oprah's messing with me.  She sent me this quote in an email this morning. 

"Balance lives in the present. The surest way to lose your footing is to focus on what dreadful things might happen."
—  Oprah


  1. Praise the Lord! I love a miracle story.

  2. Wow! I have goosebumps all over! First, thank GOD Alex is OK! Second, how horrific about little Paul. As a parent, the thought of losing a child that way is unimaginable. I like the thought of Paul, your guardian angel.

  3. What a touching story! I've now got tears forming in my eyes. I'm so glad he was ok.

  4. Oh wow. Thank goodness Alex is alright! It is amazing how quickly something can happen. And I am just sick about baby Paul. What a tragedy. But how wonderful to have a guardian angel. Thanks so much for sharing, Connie.

  5. What a horrible thing to have happened in your husband's family. So very sad.

    But I'm glad your little Alex was unharmed in the fall. I'm sure seeing that happen will stay with you for awhile. It does reaffirm your faith in miracles, doesn't it?
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow, what an awful thing for your family to have in their past.
    Thank goodness for those watching over us.

  7. Wow, just wow. Truly, thank God.

  8. Wow, Connie.

    Poor Paul. Poor iKeith. I'm glad your bebe is okay.

  9. What a horrible experience Keith lived through! I'm still stuck on the horror he and his Mother must have lived through watching that!

    I'm glad your baby is ok and thankful that God once again showed His mercy on you and your family!

  10. Goodness, that camping story brought tears to my eyes. I can't imagine.

    And little man Alex!! I'm so, so glad to hear he took the fall like a champ.

    Paul seems to be making himself out to be a pretty amazing guardian angel. :)

  11. Sad but happy post too!! So glad your son is okay after his fall. But so, so, so sad about iKeith's brother. :o(

    And then crazy about Oprah's quote! CRAZY!!

  12. The first story...about your husband and his family makes me incredibly sad.
    God is watching out for you and your family. I can NOT even imagine the terror I would feel in that situation. Lots of the apt. complexes around here have concrete stairs...imagine if they would have been concrete...shudders.

  13. sad to hear about the horrific tragedy, but so happy to hear your boy is okay!

  14. I can absolutely see how that would replay and replay in your mind. I'm SO glad he's ok!

  15. Oh Connie, how intense and sad for Keith! And I had no idea Keith has a sister, where does she live?

    I am glad Alex is okay, I once watched my friend's son fall down a flight of stairs, it all happened in slow motion and I caught him at the very bottom.

  16. Such a tragic story! But how wonderful to feel like Paul's spirit has remained, watching over those he loved and those he would have grown up to love too. So glad your son wasn't injured. SCARY!

  17. I can't even imagine something like that happening.

    Maybe he is an angel watching over all of you now.

  18. I could not have said anything any better than Vivienne said... She said exactly what I wanted to say.
    God bless your family.

  19. How did I miss this story this past week - I am so saddened by what happened to iKeith & his family. But I love that Paul watches over his big brother...and his nephew.

    so touching....


  20. That story brought tears to my eyes, but what a beautiful thing to have a guardian angel.

  21. So so sorry what happened to iKeith's family.. that would be so hard.

    But yes, it does sound like you have a guardian angel keeping you all safe.


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