Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Happy List

My Happy List.....linking up with Mamarazzi.

I'm happy still from watching The Royal Wedding. Everyime I think about it...I feel happy.

I'm happy that GLEE did a flash mob in the finale which I watched last night while sipping a glass of red wine.

I'm happy that my husband was finally right about something and it involved my underwear. Soooo glad he's paying attention to the important things.

I'm so happy that I'm still right most of the time.

I'm happy that I live in a country where movies like Atlas Shrugged can be made even though there isn't a network TV station in business that will let them buy air time for a commercial. If you want to be enlightened and/or you lean ever so slightly to the right. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!! Go HERE to find a theater near you!

I'm happy that spring is coming even though it snowed last night.

I'm happy that my husband is happy at work.  It makes MY job so much easier.

I'm happy that my kids like each other and play nicely together while I eat bon bons read.

I'm happy that my husband is a great father and spends the entire weekend playing with his children.  We call the weekend Daddy Days!

I'm happy that I have friends all over the world that I feel close to and that care about me, my family and our life.



  1. Snow?? Bring on spring!!!

    I love when my kiddos play great together too! Their laughter AS they play together is even more sweet!

    Great list and have a GREAT day!

  2. Kids getting along is a great thing to be happy for! And yay for Daddy weekends! Those are the best!
    Great happy list!!

  3. I cannot believe of the snow this year! I am so very happy for sitting at the beach yesterday and the pool today!

  4. That is awesome that he spends so much of his weekends playing with the kids. They'll remember that so fondly!

    I haven't watched Glee, and I don't know why because I love musicals!

    Spring really is coming!

  5. Are you serious about that movie's commercials not being shown??? It makes sense because I haven't seen any!!!! That just pisses me off. Come ON America. I thought we were free to voice our opinions and stuff.
    Man. Now I'm on a rant.
    I've been watching the wedding on DVR. It makes me giddy still.

  6. Good dads are the best. I feel the same way about David.

  7. I've just gotten back from a week at the beach and I missed Glee. I cannot wait to watch it on my DVR. I'm sure they made an awesome flash mob.

    And I am so happy that we had exciting, happy news to report for once. And even though I was saddened by the terrible storms in our country this weekend, that royal wedding was lovely. and Kate's dress, oh how I loved it. Hopefully, it will bring back some of the old time elegance that seems to be sorely missing in the same old, same old wedding gowns these days.

  8. I just watched a glimpse of the wedding today on E!. I wasn't interested AT ALL about that stupid wedding. Don't you hate me!

    I'm happy that you're happy! Can you pass me a bon bon?

  9. Despite my best efforts, I missed Glee last week -- someone in my house decided to have a tantrum instead. So I'll have to catch in the second time around -- I LOVE flash mobs.

    And I am excited to see Atlas Shrugged. I enjoyed the book many many years ago.

  10. Such a great Happy List!!

    I love that I have gotten to know you and care about you & your sweet family as well!

    And Glee hasn't had their finale yet- yipee! The Barbra Striesand made me get up and dance!


  11. Rich has been trying to get me to read Atlas Shrugged forever. He started reading in in November of 2002. (I remember because it was the book he brought to OB visits while I was pregnant with Grant.) It took him until 2008 to finally finish the damn thing. He became this Ayn Rand pusher. made me nuts. Every time I started a new book he would nag me about Atlas Shrugged.

    He convinced me to see the movie because he read that the way they had to make the movie, you're actually better NOT having read it first.

    I thought it was good... and good enough that I am anxious to see the next installment.

    MY Hubs has never met you (duh) but has heard me talk about you. From now on he will never again have to say " which one is she...?"

    You are the one who likes Atlas Shrugged.


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!