Thursday, April 21, 2011

If Today Was Your Last Day

I supposed acts of terrorism are going to be a part of my children's lives until the day they die....or Jesus comes.  Rumor is....the world is ending on May 21st.  I don't know if it's going to be by rapture or the earth blowing up.  Either way...I'm ready.

Yesterday someone decided to place some pipe bombs in a mall that I go to frequently with my family.  They put several propane tanks and a pipe bomb in a hallway next to the food court and it started a fire.  Luckily....he's a shitty terrorist and it only started a fire and it didn't he intended.

I was in this food court having lunch with my children less than a week ago.

I'm pissed because this person decided to commit this act of terrorism on my son's 5th birthday.  It's also the 12th anniversary of the Columbine High School tragedy, which is very close to this mall.  Is it a coincidence that he picked this day and this mall?  Time will tell.

Had this happened while I was in the food court with my children....they would have been traumatized.  The mall was evacuated and everyone was bussed from the property.  They had to leave their cars until the entire place could be searched.

Schools in the immediate area were put on lock down.  I feel for those kids too.  They must have been scared and I bet their parents were sick with worry.

I really hope they find this jackhole!  I'd like an opportunity to tell him to his face what a low life loser I think he is and that he doesn't have my permission to f**k with my dreams and ruin people's lives.  I dreamed these kids and my family!  If they were taken from me....I don't know what I'd do.

Song of the day: If Today Was Your Last Day


There is going to be a press conference at 11:30am MST about the bomber.  This will be right in the middle of Y&R which I'm sure will be interrupted.  Yet another reason to be pissed at this guy!

Tomorrow....I'll tell you about Alex's birthday!


  1. People are CRAZYYYYYY!!!!!!

    What joy or happiness does someone get out of the trying to hurt others like that? So scary...

  2. I'm so sorry that this happened in your mall... in your neighborhood.

    Sadly, I don't think we're safe anywhere. Too many of these whack jobs lurking around public places, making a conscious decision to attack innocent people is just one more testiment to the amount of evil we have in the world.

  3. I was watching this on the news this morning - so scary for everyone. I don't understand why people want to terrorize others. It makes no sense. :(

  4. Ugh, people are ridiculous. I'm so sorry this happened close to you.

    How have they not found this douche, surely they've got him on camera? It's scary thinking he's still out there.

    It's scary thinking of all the people out there that get some sick thrill out of hurting others.

  5. I saw that and thought of you!
    That guy is an aaaaaassssshhhhooooollllleeeee.
    All terrorists are.
    Can't wait to hear about the bday!

  6. That is just CRAZY!!!!


  7. How awful and scary! I am off to hug my guys a little tighter. What a crazy, F&*$ed up world we live in....

  8. Ugh! So, so terrible! What's wrong with people!? :(

  9. I'm sorry this jerk has made you feel unsafe and screwed up your soaps.


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