Friday, April 22, 2011

My Baby Turned Five

I really struggled with Wednesday.

I can't believe the little baby that I gave birth to....turned FIVE. He's so big and smart and funny.  He's been teasing me all week that he's going to get a pet squirrel.  You ALL know about me and squirrels. He thinks it's hilarious!

I had planned to take him to the mall to get him balloons.  That's our ritual and he informed me that balloons are for babies and he didn't want them.  I died a little bit on the inside.  At that moment I really wanted a balloon...for me.

I made him a special breakfast like I always do.  Pop up Pancakes....and he loved them.  He ate them for lunch too!  He told me that I could make them every year until he's 15....because then he'll be too old for them.  Why's he doing this to me today?

We couldn't wait for Keith to get home so we could start the Birthday Extravaganza!  We went to the Colorado Mills Mall and we started at The Yard House with wine Root Beer Floats!  Then we went to play glow in the dark Putt Putt Golf.  It is actually pretty hard to play in the dark.

Next up was the Merry Go Round and then pizza from the food court!

Lastly, Keith and the kids rode the mall train while I sat in a massage chair! 

 I couldn't wait to get home and eat the amazing cake that I had made by the talented Gemma from Bella Stella Bakery!

After Mallory's fact the day OF Mallory's birthday. Alex told me that he wanted a Blue Robot Cake and it had to be chocolate. I got ahold of Gemma and she said that she loves Robots and she could totally make him a blue robot cake!

And she did an great job!  This chocolate cake is delicious....I can't stop dreaming about it!

Alex got a bunch of Lego/Harry Potter stuff and he ripped through the packages like he was on fire.  And now we have to put all of this stuff together.  I mean iKeith has to put all of this stuff together. 

To see a video of our here.


  1. What an awesome birthday day! The cake looks amazing!!! Sorry he is growing up, they do that DARN IT!

  2. That cake is awesome, people are so talented.

    Sounds like Alex had an awesome day! And glow in the dark mini golf?! Yes please! I need to find one of those.

    How can anyone be too old for balloons??? You tell him I'm 25 and I love balloons and he should too, haha

  3. That cake is amazing!!! I love creative cakes!

    Sounds like Alex hand a good day!

  4. That movie was so sweet, my boys would have been so jealous about the Legos!!!
    That cake is awesome.
    Hugs to you momma, I know 5 is hard. For sure.

  5. Happy 5th Birthday, buddy!

    Sounds like you guys had an awesome day, doing all his favorite things!!! That's really what it's all about, right?! His cake is too cool!!!

    Five was hard... it's been less than a week for us too, and Gray reminds me EVERYDAY that he's a big boy now : )

  6. I would kill a snake for a piece of cake right now.

    Can you fed-ex me one? And make it super cute. And lots of icing but not the kind that turns your tongue different colors.

  7. I'm glad A had a good birthday. It is so hard on us when our babies get bigger. That looks almost too cute to eat. Almost.

  8. It looks like he had an amazing birthday!! And glow in the dark putt putt? That looks like so much fun! So, no squirrel? ;)

  9. Your videos always get me choked up! What a great day for the birthday boy :) Magic Tree House is SOOOOOO big in our house right now too.

    Have a great weekend, I am making some pop up pancakes tomorrow, those look soooo good!

  10. I watched the video and he is such a big boy! I was even teary-eyed about it! I love how your family celebrates, all-out!

  11. That's it! When RJ is older, im going to be calling YOU to help me plan his birthday!! You are the master birthday planner!! When the kids get older, they're going to enjoy watching these videos you make.

    When I come out to meet yo, can we ride on the mall train? I've never seen such a thing!

    Happy Birthday E!!

  12. Yay!! What a fun birthday mom!!

    I totally get how hard it is to see them grow up - just savor those moments you have now - and record them like you are here to always look back on!

    Love the cake!


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  14. Ian & I just watched the sweet movie - he loved seeing what A got for his birthday - he loved the legos but kept asking for "cars"? Oh well!

    Too cute!!



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