Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrity Sighting: The E*Trade Baby

I went to the Cherry Creek Mall this morning.

I always expect to see a celebrity while I'm there because Cherry Creek is ritzy and rich/famous/popular people like to go there.

One time....Keith and I almost saw that one guy...you know the guy that's a famous basketball player and he has lot's of tattoos and piercings and is weird. What the hell is his name?

Anyway, I was in the apple store and look who I saw!

The E*Trade Baby!


  1. Dennis Rodman and HA!
    PS: I know someone who had a Rodman-themed Bat Mitzvah.

  2. You ALMOST saw him? How do you almost see him? Like you saw his ass or something? lol
    That e trade baby....so cute. You should have gotten his digital signature or something... :)

  3. YES!! Rodman.

    And we almost saw him when he was in Cherry Creek for the All Star Basketball Game a million years ago.

    iKeith and I were sitting in a bar and a guy ran in and said that Rodman had just walked by.

    We almost saw him...

  4. Hahaha...Cute!

    Yeah, Dennis Rodman. Didn't he marry Carmen Electra one time...for like 5 minutes?

  5. Look at you hanging out in places where celebrities go...

  6. So youre like a celebrity by association? Sweet!

  7. I almost saw someone famous at Starbucks in NYC but now I forget who it was :) Oh well! Every time I hear anything about Denver on the news I think of you :)

  8. Did you get some stock tips from him????



  9. TeeHee... that is too cute.
    I love that baby.
    Did you get his autograph? Oh, wait, I don't think he can write.

  10. So exciting - nice job on the review too. I would be terrible at it. Mine would go "it was good". :)

  11. Haha. Nice that he let you snap a pic and didn't yank the camera out of your hands!


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