Monday, April 25, 2011

A Hunting We Will Go

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

We had a great time even though the weather was freezing and it rained yesterday.

Friday night...I had not yet planned a menu for Easter which is so completely unlike me.  I didn't feel like Ham so I asked iKeith what he thought.  This is normally a dangerous thing to do and I avoid it at all costs.

He decided he wanted to smoke some meat so Saturday morning we went to our favorite new store. Marczyk's Fine Foods.  He selected a super thick bone in Rib Eye and a Pork Tenderloin while I ate samples and picked out a couple bottles of wine.

Keith's Meat

We then realized that Alex hadn't eaten breakfast and he was famished! (Mommy Fail) We had to find a pizza place quickly!

Thank goodness for the iPhone and Yelp.   Within minutes I had located a restaurant and was telling iKeith where to go. (Mommy Win!) The Walnut Room has Chicago Style Thin Crust Pizza....which was confusing to me because I had always thought of Chicago Style as being deep dish. was really good and children were happy again.

I got tricked into playing Harry Potter LEGO game but I had wine so it was all good!

Sunday morning the kids woke up early and came to tell us that they had only found two eggs. They thought the Easter Bunny was a jerk and didn't love them.  What kind of crap was this anyway?  Well...the deal was...that the Easter Bunny had worked really hard on a scavenger hunt and there were more eggs but they were hidden and the eggs contained clues and the kids had just ruined part of it.

I found the scavenger hunt late on Saturday night and had to hide the eggs twice because I screwed it up the first time. The printable is on the Happy Home Fairy and I'm anxious to check her website out further.

I recorded part of the hunt and completely choked up telling them about Jesus.  Mallory's react was priceless and my darling son...well.  You'll have to see for yourself.  Easter Hunt Video Here.  The kids LOVED the hunt and talked about it all day. They think that the Easter Bunny was STILL in the apartment while they were in the living room because the Easter Bags were not in bed with me and iKeith when the kids came to wake us up.  It's MAGIC!

Later I made these. If you love'll be in love!  If you don't love Cherry you can use whatever fruit filling you like.  YUM!


  1. What a creative Easter Bunny! Glad you had such a fun day!! :)

  2. Still LOVE the video. :)
    That cherry thing looks AWESOME. I love all sweets. Don't matter what kind, I eat it. :) Could be why I'm fat? Probably.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Easter Weekend!! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I saw the cherry danish on Facebook and it made my mouth water. I think that scavenger hunt idea is really cool. I'm not sure what would happen though if Baby Girl woke up and her basket wasn't there.

  5. Z and I loved the movie :) Too much fun. Maybe in a few years we can go for a scavenger hunt too. This year lil C was content with finding the same egg over and over, "OH WOW!" she'd say ;) Happy Easter!

  6. This was so cute - love the "Sugar, Sugar" background music when they found their Easter baskets - perfect!

  7. I for one am a giant fan of the Christmas jammies worn on Easter.

    I also appreciated the "Go Jesus" jig, that's something that could easily become a worldwide Easter tradition!

  8. A scavenger hunt? You win the best Easter mommy prize. That's a brilliant idea! Too bad the kids ruined it a little bit. lol

    That cherry danish looked Mmmm Mmmm good. Can you send me one please? I have a craving for it like RIGHT NOW! Kthanks!

  9. I did a scavenger hunt a few years back but my children, unlike yours, needed to be sent in opposite directions so they wouldn't push, shove, hit and trip each other. A and M are so sweet together!

    I loved watching A adjust himself throughout the entire video, what a boy and the fact that you chocked p telling the true meaning of Easter gave me a lump in my throat! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  10. WHOA! That meat looks awesome! That would be my favorite new store too!

    And Chicago Thin Crust?? Seems a bit oxymoronic to me.

    The Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt??? BRILLIANT!!! I LOVE IT! Please post a reminder next year so I can remember to do it. :o) You rock, Ms. Connie!

    The video ...okay ... with your son ... I had to laugh. So funny.

  11. Love this! I saw the picture of the cherry turnovers but haven't read the recipe. Yet. (And I WILL be changing it to a different fruit...)

  12. First off, LOVE that ribeye, Keith knows how to pick out meat!!
    Second, that video was absolutely wonderful. You had me in tears, too. The kids seemed SO into the hunt and I loved Mallory's "go Jesus" fist pump! Too cute.
    So glad you had a wonderful Easter & thank you for that delicious recipe, I LOVE cherries!!

  13. It made my heart so happy to watch the video of your Happy Buddies doing my Scavenger Hunt! I especially loved your little one shouting His name! That's what it's all about, isn't it? His Great Name. Thanks for the shout out! I hope my site will continue to bless your Happy Home. Happy Belated Easter! :-)


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