Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goodbye Big Love

I love television.

I've been a big fan for many years and there are certain shows that I'll always remember.  I'm not sure if it's just because the show has gone on for many seasons or because the story line's are controversial.

I have to start off by saying that I love Bill Paxton. When I was getting divorced in 1994, I saw the movie Indian Summer and I fell in love.  As soon as it came out on video, I watched it a million times and once the internet was invented....I searched for information about him.  I am not a stalker...I am a fan.

Dear Bill Paxton....please get a twitter account. 

Dear Friends....Indian Summer is available to rent on Netflix.

Fast forward to March 2006.  iKeith had just been laid off from his job and I was 8 months pregnant.  I was in the finishing stages of nesting and my favorite actor was about to be on a new show on HBO.  I didn't know what a Mormon was, had never heard of a sister wife and had never been to Utah.  All I knew was that I might get to see Bill neeked.

I loved this show and quickly picked a favorite sisterwife.  I loved the energy and lust for life (and Bill) that Margene had.  I admired Bill and his ability to have three loving relationships and be a good father at the same time.  I never ever liked Nicki. Edit HTML

Imagine my surprise to find myself LIVING in Utah a little over a year later.  I found myself looking for Bill and Margene when we'd go to Salt Lake City.  I figured they had to film parts of the show in Utah but I never found them.  I also found myself watching BIG LOVE in secrecy. Utah Mormons very much dislike the show and admitting that you watch it....brings wrath (aka Brother Horton) upon your family.

I even encountered a sisterwife or two at my local grocery store.  Except that they were the *compound* variety with their big hair and prairie dresses.  Whenever I saw a hummer....I wondered if Albie was driving it.

We don't have HBO anymore and I was so bummed when the last season premiered and I knew it would be a year before I'd be able to see it.  But NO...that would not be the case at all. Once of my internet friends who have never met me, decides to do something nice for me.

Adrienne shared Big Love with me.

I'm sad that the show is over but I think I'm happy with how they ended it.*mouse over the next part to see spoiler*   Each of the wives were able to pursue lives that they were meant to live....and perhaps were held back by being married to three other people.  But they are still a family and Bill's legacy lives on. I held my breath during the part when the sisterwives were in the convertable! I thought they were going to have an accident. I just have one question. What happened to Ana? OH and another question...was Teeny in the bathroom during the entire season?

I have GOT TO stop crying now....because it is just a TV show and Margene is not real and her hair won't stay that way forever.

Did you watch Big Love?  What did you think of it?


  1. I love love love Big Love! I started watching it via Netflix in December/January and plowed through 3 seasons and then ordered HBO just to watch seasons 4 and 5. It always shocked me and I loved it.

    I enjoyed Margene a lot because she was so youthful and vibrant. But I just loved to hate Albie and Nicki so I actually think I liked them best.
    I'm so sad it ended but wow what a season! The writers completed it beautifully.

  2. I watched every episode of big love. Of all the things that was going on and the the people that could have ended it, I was disappointed in the way it ended. Milktoast. I live in Utah and have never felt that anyone cares that I watch it. Of coarse what I watch is rarely a topic of conversation with my Mormon neighbors. :)

  3. I so love Big Love - and not for what it is about but for the writing - It is humorous, and touching, and sweet and so hard to explain to people how one of your favorite shows is about polygamy.

    I know if I lived in Utah, I would totally be on the lookout for the hummer with Albie.

    We don't have HBO either - and Netflix just came out with the second to last season.....I just watched it and I am DYING to see the last season!!!!!!!!

    I had to NOT read the last to paragraphs of this post to make sure I didn't see any spoilers too.....


    P.S. Don't be mad at me for clogging up your email the other day...I just want back into "Connie's Inner Circle"!!!!

  4. I LOVED Big Love. I always like the interaction between the wives more than some of the other storylines. I kind of feel like they packed to much into the last episode - I would have like a whole hour on what the lives of the wives were like after he was shot. I wish they would have given us at least a hint that Carl went to prison (I'm sure he did, but even tiny loose ends but me).

    We have Sisterwives on TLC - surely you are following the REAL LIFE polygamists. I can't get enough. I can understand the appeal...I wouldn't like to share my husband (not just the sex part, but I like to be the only one bossing him around.), but I could sure use some extra moms around here.

  5. @Boulter Trouble My sister talked to her Mormon co-workers about BIG LOVE and she was told not to ever mention it again. To anyone.

    @Becca...I'm going to SHARE Big Love with you.

  6. I know absolutely nothing about this show. NOTHING.

    I read the spoiler. It sounds interesting. But we don't have HBO. Nor do we need it. I would sit around all day and watch inappropriate movies and I can't lose weight doing that!

  7. I don't watch either, but not because I don't love Bill Paxton, which I do. I just didn't start watching, and then never started. I didn't want to cut into the wasted hours I spend watching crap reality TV. But I like the show in theory and was happy to scroll over the spoiler. (Loved the way you did that, BTW. How'd you know you could do that? Strikethroughs have been pretty well mined for comedic potential, and the blackout bar, or whatever it's called, has potential.)

  8. We don't have HBO so I never got to see it...but I want to. I'm thinking about watching it on Netflix...or renting it on Netflix anyway.
    So what happened to Bill's character??
    I love love LOVE me some Bill Paxton. :)

  9. Teeny went to live with the older sister after she moved.

    My hubby and I watched it all online for free! I can send you the link if you want. That's how we watch all our tv shows because we don't have cable.

    I really couldn't get into sister wives. It was a bit boring compared to big love ;)

  10. We don't have HBO so I never get to see of the cool programming on it. Sometimes I'll rent a documentary when it comes out on DVD (like John Adams, awesome), but I never rent the series.

  11. @Connie- oh, I get it. I know there are Mormons that it offends to the point that you don't even speak of it. I'm not surprised that your sisters co-workers shush-ed her about it. ESPECIALLY the temple episode. That was quite the to-do here in Utah. And, of coarse, was not a topic of conversation at the dinner table of my Mormon familys home. However, I sure wanted it to. ;)

  12. It is on my list of shows to get on DVD. Haven't seen a single episode - yet I know how it ends already. But I don't think I'd let that stop me from watching it.


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