Monday, May 2, 2011

When Your Lazy Eye is Bored

You may remember that Alex got glasses back in January because he couldn't see well...and he has a lazy eye.  Last week it was time to return to the eye doctor to check his progress.  He's doing better but not good enough so they told me that I have to patch his eye for 3 hours a day until July. His good eye is doing all of the work so we have to re-train his brain to use his other eye.


We immediately went to the pharmacy at Super Target and I asked about the patches.  She told me that they sell some that are like a bandaid but that they can irritate the skin.  Then she told me that her daughter has to wear a patch and that she bought a felt re-usable one from Patch Pals!

I ran home, found their website and almost cried with joy!  They have a bunch of cute designs for the front of the patch and they were only $10 a piece.  Alex picked out the one he wanted and we ordered it.

It arrived in two days!!

Now the hard work.  He has to wear it for 3 hours a day and he can't watch TV while he's wearing it....he has to play, or draw....concentrate on something.  So far, he's doing great and has been working on some pre-school apps on my iPad and building with his legos.

Isn't he cute in his patch?

My silly boy informed me that his eye isn't's just bored.
And he's ready for some football! 
Go Broncos!

*disclaimer* I was not paid by Patch Pals for my post or given a patch.  I just want other parents to know about this great product that is making our life easier. 


  1. Aw - he's sweet. I'm glad that you were able to find something that makes the process more "kid friendly". Something like that can really be harsh on a kid's ego, so it's nice that he was able to get involved and be excited about it.

  2. That is completely adorable! LOVE IT! And he's just so darn cute anyway. WIN WIN if you ask me.

  3. Connie, I can so relate what you are going through now! My daughter had a "bored eye" also! She's 15 now. She was Alex's age and we had to patch her for 8-10 hours a day the first year. Then we were able to patch for about 4-6 a day. Basically, it's best if you can keep it on as long as you can during the day. We had her to lots of busy work to made her bored eye work. She really improved so fast. Now she wears contacts and you would never know she had a bored eye!! Hugs to you!

  4. Aww, well he looks adorable! "Bored", I love it! :)

  5. That's an awesome idea! I remember when a girl in high school had to do this. Only she choose to do it while DRIVING and READING at the same time. Crazy.

  6. Bored eye! LOL. I love the DINO. I think want one just to have it now.
    He's very cute.

  7. That's very cute. I'm glad he's keeping his sense of humor about it.

  8. That is the most awesome patch I've ever seen! Evie went through a real dino phase, she would have LOVED that :)

  9. THAT is cute! And I love that his eye is BORED not lazy. PERFECT!

  10. Now that's cute, and it makes it fun. My little brother had to have clear nail polish painted over his lenses. :(

  11. That is totally making some lemonade!!!

    He is precious!! Go Alex!!!


  12. I luff him! So cute!
    Not lazy... bored. His eye might be lazy, but his brain is full steam ahead.

  13. That is so adorable, kids are so amazing and thoughtful.
    I love the patch, I'm glad that you were able to find something that is functional and cute.


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