Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love In The Wild

I was watching TV the other night and I saw a commercial for Love in The Wild (be careful googling that) that will be airing on NBC soon. It's an adventure dating series set in Costa Rica and it begins on June 1st.


The cast consists of 10 single men and 10 single women, who will pair up and complete quests that include paddling down crocodile-ridden waters and navigating bat infested caves. The couple that wins the quest....gets to stay in a the fantasuite 5 star accommodations. There will then be an elimination ceremony where the couples decide if they made a connection or if they want to switch partners. Two people go home each week. At the couple is left standing and they win each other....but no money.

The show is hosted by Darren McMullen and he's quoted as saying, 'Life in a relationship isn't all limos and champagne dinners.  The show puts people in stressful situations to see if they can work together as a team.'

I've got a news flash for Darren (and the producers of this ridiculous show)....real relationships also don't include Costa Rica, zip lines and 5 star accommodations.

If they really want to put relationships to the ultimate test, I've got a few suggestions.

pick a movie to watch together.
stalk each other on social media. 
grocery shop together and prepare a meal.
attend an ex's wedding. 
go on a fishing trip with a grumpy older couple.
make a budget.
go through the process of finding a pretend house to buy.
take a small child to dinner at a nice restaurant. 
go through the process of buying the pretend house.
attend Kindergarten Registration. 
make their car break down on the freeway.
replace a hot water heater.
go on a camping trip with a grumpy older couple with a drinking problem. 
put together a child's toy.
put a squirrel in their laundry room. 
do homework with a 7 year old. 
stand in line at the mall with a 2 year old to visit Santa. 
survive a medical emergency.
plan a funeral. 
put together furniture (suggested by Meaghan at The Twenties Roar)  
clean up a child's vomit/pee/poo (suggested by Sturgmom, In General)  

If they can complete these tasks....then I think they might make a relationship work, or they would definitely want to switch partners.  The Bachelor has been doing these adventure dates for a while now and I don't like them.  They aren't realistic and I don't like seeming dumb girls running around the jungle in high heels and full make-up.

I'm going to take a pass on this show NBC.

Now....If you would have combined a dating show with Wipe-Out....I would have been all over it.


  1. NBC is the one network station that I hardly ever get in with my antenna, clearly I'm missing out on quality television.

    This screams pure drama. Can you imagine everything that'd go on?

    "I don't like you, you smell and you're weird...I'm trading you in!"

    "What?! We fought off killer mosquitoes and braved giant jungle venus fly traps together...I thought we had a connection!!!"

    Oh man...

  2. Oh, that would be awesome!! A wipe-out dating show!!!!! I'd watch! I agree on this latest show though. I'll prob past. Same with the new Bachelorette.

  3. your list is perfection- I laughed so hard because it's so true.

  4. Bahahaha I love your list I would like to add assemble a BBQ or Ikea furniture. And help your partner move or plan a move together.
    Made my day.
    NBC - you're ridiculous!

  5. That list is almost perfection. You only forgot "clean up a small child's vomit/poo/pee off the carpet/mattress/upholstery."

    I'll probably watch anyway. What else is on?

  6. Okay, that reminds me of that show...what was it called?? Temptation Island?? I dunno. Sounds like something I might have to watch so I can point and laugh.
    Imagine they get home and he's all, "Honey, why aren't you wearing your bikini 24/7? I don't understand what you're saying without looking at your cleavage!!"
    You know what else they should do on your list? Put together one of those crappy sauder furniture things. WITHOUT killing eachother.

  7. Hahaha, I saw the previews for this show too. Television at it's finest, for sure. :o) At the very least, it'll be fun to play drinking games to.

    I THINK there was a special edition of Wipe-Out that was a "dating" episode. They paired perfect strangers up together and they had to complete each course together. Maybe it was for V-Day?? Pretty funny stuff.

  8. This list is BRILLIANT and you deserve to be an über-rich Hollywood producer.

  9. While the show sounds interesting I like your suggestions much better.

  10. Now YOUR ideas are make and breaks. You need to get to Hollywood!

  11. Funny about the WipeOut comment as I believe one of the exec's oversaw WipeOut. I'm waiting to see what is shown of Costa Rica as a backdrop to the fun goings on :)

    Cheers, Tee

    Tee is senior editor of Costa Rica Travel Magazine and now Love In the Wild Fans Magazine

  12. lol, so true!! Especially love the squirrel in the laundry room, just for the visual. Love is definitely tested through the smallest things, like putting together furniture or getting through a movie when your spouse just won't shut his yapper. OH yeah, I've got the husband that talks the entire time, asking me questions about the movie. I don't know babe, I'm watching it at the exact same time as you, lol. I don't know how it ends!

    I can't stand reality tv, because there is no "reality" involved.

  13. I haven't seen the advertisements for this show yet, but that is one of the dumbest concepts I've ever heard of. I like your idea much better. I will add, plan a holiday meal for both sets of your divorced and now remarried parents and your in-laws. If you can survive that you can survive anything.

  14. oh YOU are sooo right!! THAT is the kind of stuff that truly tests a relationship!

    you make me laugh. i like that about you. a lot.

  15. Ha! So true. I would add air travel with children.

  16. Very Funny list! We have done almost all except the squirrel. But we have had a skink in the family room. And, We met before Social Media was invented. Back then it was land line phones and The Dating Game!

  17. awesome list and I agree, Dating + Wipeout = AWESOME!

  18. Amen to your list! Those every day occurences are the real challenges in a marriage.

  19. You know I'm not a fan of reality TV, but the show you described is one I would watch. You are so right, that if a couple could live through HALF those scenarios, they just might make it. I think the one about planning a funeral together is the worst... been there, done that.


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