Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I'm Watching This Summer

It's no secret that I love watching TV.  I'm always a little bummed in mid-May when all of my favorite shows go away for a couple months.  Grey's Anatomy...I will miss you!  Thank goodness I still have 7 episodes of Friday Night Lights to keep me company.  There are some shows that I'm not going to waste my time on this summer (Bachelorette...I'm looking at you) and will instead go to movies (ALONE), take evening walks with my family and drink wine read in bed.

Here are the shows that I will be watching:

Love Bites on NBC, starting June 2nd stars Constance Zimmer (Entourage), Greg Grunberg (from Heroes) and Becki Newton (Ugly Betty).  It features modern stories of love, sex and marriage and the first episode guest stars Jennifer Love Hewit

The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo...if you hurry and catch up on the two episodes (2nd one aired last night) that have aired....then you will have the perfect trashy reality TV for your summer.  This season there are two new cast members that are causing trouble.  Melissa Gorga is Teresa's sister in law and they don't get along. Kathy Wakile is Teresa's cousin and they don't get along.  It's like my house only Italian!!

Rocco's Dinner Party on Bravo....begins June 15th.  Each week three competing chefs prepare the perfect dinner party for Rocco DiSpirito and his celebrity guests.  One chef walks away with a cash prize.  If you love throwing dinner parties like I do...you won't want to miss this show!

Expedition Impossible: Morocco on ABC....begins June 21st.  13 teams of 3 will do the extraordinary, solving problems and competing in the biggest adventures of their lives.  It's kind of like Survivor meets The Amazing Race.

Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family...begins June 14th.  This one I watch online because I don't get this channel but I don't mind because I love it!  I know it's for teenagers.  I know 40 years shouldn't be watching it but.....I can't help myself!

Other shows that I probably won't be watching but you might like:

America's Got Talent (NBC) starts May 31st
Switched At Birth (ABC Family)  starts June 6th
Bachelor Pad (ABC) starts August 8th
Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition (ABC) starts May 30th

Expedition Impossible (SBC) starts June 21st
The Hot Zone (ABC) starts June 21st
Hell's Kitchen (FOX) starts July 19th
So You Think You Can Dance (FOX) starts May 26th
Wipe Out (ABC) starts June 16th
101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (ABC)

The Marriage Ref (NBC) starts June 26


  1. I can't wait for The Closer to start in July, but I'm bummed this is the last season.

  2. If you are using Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox....

    then you can't comment.

    DANG IT!!

  3. I'm sad that all my shows are over too! But I'll totally be watching the RHONJ!! The new season looks full of crazy!

  4. Can you please watch The Bachelorette, she's going to be a mess. Don't pretend you didn't watch last night. :P

    Grey's Anatomy is so terribad now, I didn't even watch the finale (oh wait yes I did, Derek and Meredith broke up AGIAN).

    I was wondering if there was going to be a summer Wipeout, and I'm also looking forward to Hell's Kitchen and Extreme Makeover. I haven't looked but I'm really hoping ABC Family brings back Huge...they left me hanging.

    Would you believe that I really don't watch a lot of TV?

  5. The only thing that rescues summer tv watching for me is....BIG BROTHER. I know. It's lame. BUT I LOVE IT!!!

  6. Thank you for the TV show update. My day is now complete.

    (I can only comment when I don't use my google account. Something is just not right.)

  7. You know you're going all "United States of Tara" with regard to that Expedition Impossible show...

  8. I caved. I watched The Bachelorette today.

    I blame Amber.

  9. I will be watching Pretty little liars as well online, because I don't get the channel. It pisses me off that Bravo doesn't put all their shows online also because I am missing my Real housewives of NEW JERSEY!!! Miss me some Caroline!

  10. I am in a big debate with myself over TV this summer. I have not watched TV (except for the occasional show with the kids) since the Bachelor ended! I am not sure that I like Ashley enough (or at all) to start watching again or if I should just stick with my non-tv habit :) My friends think I am impossible to talk to because I don't watch TV, Oh the debate continues!

  11. You should check out the original programming on USA. Lots of great shows that are just plain fun to watch. Covert Affairs starts in June and is one of my favorites

  12. I can't wait for SYTYCD and The Closer - but for now, I have HOURS and HOURS of catching up to do on my DVR!!!



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