Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Resolutions...I'm Ready!


I'm so pumped for 2013.  2012 was an awesome year for my family and I'm determined to keep the momentum going and make this year even better!

I looked over last years resolutions and I'm sad to say that I didn't do very well.  Let's review:

1. Have more sexy time.
2. Read more. I read 36 books! 
3. Run the school 5K.
4. See More Theatre. I saw several live shows! 
5.  Drink less coffee/soda.
6.  More girlfriend time.  Started a book club!
7.  More adventure walks/letterboxing.
8.  Move.
9.  Make a vision board.
10.  Floss more. YES!

Bummer.  Only 4 out of 10.  Poor iKeith...number 1 just, didn't happen.   We've decided NOT to move because of the fiscal cliff and all that jazz.  I can't quit coffee.

Last year my theme was Be A Blessing and my theme song was....I'm Sexy and I Know It.    This year, I'm going with a Word and a Song.  Let's get this party started!

Word for 2013:  Mindful
Theme Song for 2013:  We're Ready by Boston

1.  Exercise

I'm finally ready to put exercise into my schedule.  I also want to find more active things to do with my kids.  I need to show them that exercise can be fun and we should do it as a family.  I've also hired a health coach and the next three months are going to be a whirlwind of change!

2.  Try New Things

 I love experimenting and learning new things!  There is so much I haven't done yet and I don't want to waste any more time.  

3.  Decorate the kids bathroom.

4.  Read 40 books.

I read 36 books in 2012 and I loved that I made time for reading because it's on of my favorite things to do.

5.  Keep nails painted, wear make up every day.

I found that I have more energy and feel good on the days that I wear a nice outfit and put a little time into my hair and make up.  

6.  Learn to Knit...well.

My best friend taught me how to knit last week.  I want to make stuff. 

7.  Run the school 5K.

 No excuses!!

8.  Teach my kids to tie their shoes and ride a bike.

9.  Save all of my blog money and use it for Christmas.
There are so many fun holiday things I want to do with the kids.   They all take money and I hate trying to find the money in my monthly budget.  

10.  Meet Oprah.

A girl can dream......

  To see my fitness goals, click here!  

I'm ready for more 
The feelin' now that I'm beside you 

We'll open the door 

Do anything that we decide to 
And I know that there's something that's just out of sight 
And I feel like I'm finally seeing the light 
Holdin' on girl I know it's right 
I know it's right 
We're ready! 


  1. I think 4 out of 10 goals met is outstanding!

    Check in your area to see if any local gymnastic clubs have free time. Two gyms in our area (one is called Twisters, which I think is a national chain) both offer free time on Fridays from 9-11am. For $5, Ryan gets to run around the place, jump on all of the trampolines, walk on the balance beams, hang from the rings....basically play on EVERYTHING for 2 hours straight. I'm getting a few gals together and making it a semi-regular play date to help the kids get exercise.

    And, I'm totally with you on wearing make up and doing hair. I'm more productive if I look halfway decent.

  2. At least you met some of your goals, take pride in the small successes! I love this year's goals and can't wait for you to let us in on how you do with them. I need to try new things--I am really bad to get stuck in a comfort zone.

  3. Happy New year may the year may it bring you all that is wonderful

  4. 4 out of 10 ain't bad! Crossing off anything off the list makes me happy. You should definitely post when you decorate the kids' bathroom. That one sounds like fun! And yay for the exercise resolution. Exercise IS fun!
    Oh, and blog money saved for Christmas is totally the way to go. I bought everything for Match on Amazon, and didn't spend a dime of our budget. Woot woot!

  5. hahaha sexy time is always my resolution too. I love your fitness goals, I am still working on getting my booty in shape.

  6. Your goals sound great, and I think you did pretty well in 2012~ I've been working on my goals for 2013, and I had to put it to the side for a few hours.....I'm all over the place, and I need to focus! :/

    Happy New Year, Sweetie!


  7. I love it - these are great goals! I'm trying to run my first 5k this year too. Maybe I should pick one and set the date so I don't get distracted. When is your school's 5K? Soon enough that you won't forget?

  8. Run the 5K.
    You can do it!!

    If you don't it's okay though. Seriously, it would kill me.

  9. Great goals! And you can do it! I am planning on running in my kids school 5K also. I did two years ago and want to agin this year. How fun that you have a healthy coach- that would definitely help keep me motivated.
    You can do it!! And who do you you do your ads through? Just curious?

  10. I love your list! Tie shoes... yep, I need that one too! And I too have noticed that there's a little more energy and kick in all that I do when I'm actually dressed, face painted and wearing warrior nails! Let's keep each other motivated!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!