Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Bachelor Sean: 50 Shades of Cray Cray

I am so glad that I was drinking water during The Bachelor last night!  My apologies to those of you that are hung over today because of my drinking game.  I had no idea that Sean would spend the first 10 minutes of the show without his shirt.

In case you missed it...

Sean Lowe is a 29 year old Insurance salesman from Dallas. (I'm trying to find out the EXACT location so that I can stalk him when I visit in March.) He wants a house full of love and laughter!  He loves his family and wants some kids. He also likes to run around without his shirt.

As Sean was settling into The Bachelor Pad, Arie paid him a visit. (Arie was #2 to Seans #3 in Emily's season.)  These two have remained friends and Arie is here to help Sean figure out exactly how he is going to pull this off.  They discuss how to give out roses, how to break up with laides and kissing technique. Arie advises.....no tongue.

Soon it's time to meet some of the ladies.  I have to say ABC has outdone themselves this season.  The girls are all beautiful and feisty!   We have a gal that is so excited to learn that Sean is the bachelor that she almost pees her pants, a single mom, a one armed girl, several models, a singer, a yoga instructor, an italian whose Dad will break your legs, a goofy school teacher and a gal that likes bondage.

We also have former bachelorette contestant....Kacie B.  She was on Ben's season and I really thought she was going to win his heart and then her strict parents were a deal breaker.  The girls in the house are NOT happy to see Kacie and don't think she deserves another chance.  Also, can we stop calling her Kacie B.  She's the only Kacie.

I'm going to tell you who the new Courtney is right now.  Her name is Tiarra and she and Sean had an instant connection.  So much so that Sean left her standing in front of the mansion....went to the bathroom, got a drink from the kitchen and then found Chris Harrison and asked him if he could give her a rose already?  Chris doesn't know how to say no, so Tiarra walked into the mansion with a rose.

Then we discovered that Sean thinks he's running this show and was giving roses to all kinds of girls for no reason.  It was like he was Oprah all of a sudden....you get a rose and you get a rose and YOU get a rose.  Hey, I like your nail polish...would you like a rose?  It was ridiculous.  There was also a heated discussion about who actually got the first impression rose because he was giving them out like candy.

It was causing panic and stress among the ladies that hadn't gotten to talk to Sean yet and they were now second guessing their nail color.  And drinking....lots of drinking.  Lindsay who choose a wedding dress for her cocktail attire was trying to have her first dance with Sean and get their first kiss out of the way, while Ashley P was trying to tie Sean up with her silver tie.  Only one of these gals got a rose.

The season looks like it's going to be a good one.  I think Sean makes a connection with many of the girls and they get to show him how athletic and adventurous they are. I can't wait to see where they get to go and who pushed Tiarra down the stairs.

Tierra, 24, leasing consultant from Denver, CO Instant connection with Sean, got first rose
AshLee F., 32, personal organizer from Houston, TX
Lindsay, 24, substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, MO Wore wedding dress

Brooke, 25, community organizer from Pittsburgh, PA
Catherine, 26, graphic designer from Seattle, WA
Daniella, 24, commercial casting associate from San Francisco, CA
Desiree, 26, bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA
Diana, 31, salon owner from Salt Lake City, UT Has two daughters
Jackie, 25, cosmetics consultant from Boynton Beach, FL
Katie, 27, yoga instructor from Charlotte, NC
Kristy, 25, model from Darien, WI
    Amanda, 26, fitness model from Newport Beach, CA
Lacey, 24, graduate student from Valencia, CA
Lesley M., 25, political consultant from Washington, D.C.
Leslie H., 29, poker dealer from Los Angeles, CA
Robyn, 24, oil field account manager from Houston, TX  Did gymnastics and fell
Sarah, 26, advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA Has one arm
Selma, 29, real estate developer from San Diego, CA
Taryn, 30, heath club manager from Troutdale, OR
Kacie, 25, from Ben's season
Ashley H., 25, fashion model from Denver, CO
Ashley P., 28, hair stylist from Macomb, MI Wanted to tie Sean up, got tipsy and danced all over the place, showed her ass in her exit interview
Kelly, 28, cruise ship entertainer from Nashville, TN  Sang a song to Sean.
Keriann, 29, entrepreneur from Boca Raton, FL
Lauren, 27, journalist from Cranston, RI Told Sean her Dad would break his legs if he broke her heart.
Paige, 25, jumbotron operator from New York City, NY


  1. Soooo excited to see Kacie. Totally thought it was going to be Emily though, to wish him well & good luck. Thank goodness it wasn;t though because my blood started to boil thinking about her. LOL.

    There were definitely some hot messes last night. Bummer crazy fifty shades is gone, she would have been good for entertainment. Plus, I don't think she made her mama proud enough.

  2. lol, I just can't get into this show, but I love watching clips of it on The Soup. Man those women are straight up insane! Insane and desperate. I bet it's really entertaining.

  3. So, the hubs was all about the national championship game last night and commandeered the TV, the other is in the unheated basement and it is like a meat locker down there. All I could think was Connie will totally have my back and catch me up tomorrow. You did not disappoint!

  4. Oh I wonder if he is going to have his legs broken all ready by sending Lauren home. A high number of girls from CA.

  5. It was something, that's for sure and you are completely accurate about her being the new Courtney!

  6. I love that you post these re-caps, then I don't have to watch it!


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