Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bachelor Sean: Ping Pong Sean

Welcome to my re-cap of The Bachelor: Sean.  We're down to 16 lovely ladies and a fun week planned! Three dates, three roses and three are going home.

Leslie M gets the first one on one date card titled How Long Will This Love Last?  It was much too long for me and I was glad I had a late start so I could fast forward through part of it. They go to the Guinness Book of World Records place on Hollywood Blvd and we learn that Sean's Dad holds the world record for driving somewhere.  Soon we learn that these two boring love birds are going to break their own record for longest on-screen kiss. Three minutes and 16 seconds and Leslie gets the rose.

The group date card says Who's Going To Win My Heart?   Kristy thinks it's her.  They go to the beach to hang out and play ball.  But then Chris Harrison shows up and turns it into a volley ball competition with the winning team getting alone time with Sean. The losing team goes home in the van of sadness without their shoes and clothes.  ABC also failed to stock the van with tissues and water bottles and left the losers dehydrated and sad.


The winners went to Seans house where we witnessed that Sean learned nothing from Arie and is trying to eat Lindsay's face off. Desiree is excited that she kicked butt in volley ball and can show all of the girls where the bathroom is since she was just here a few nights before.  Amanda is doing her evil mean girl impression again and tells the girls she'll do anything to get a rose.  She tells Sean she is light and airy....like a balloon?


Kacie has too many glasses of wine and shows us that she learned nothing from Ben's season.  She pulls Sean aside and instead of letting him eat her face off, she says that the tension between Des and Amanda is making it hard for her to be herself. Which self would that be?  The one that doesn't throw Des under the bus?  Sean asks her why she's busying herself with this and calls her a crazy person.

Kacie cries.  (DRINK)  Lindsay gets the rose for letting Sean eat her face off.

When the next one on one date card arrived.  Tierra read it to the group.  It was for AshLee but to be funny...she also added Selma's name.  No one thought it was funny, except Tierra.  She's such a prankster.....

It's finally time for AshLee's Do You Believe In Magic date with Sean.  She tells the camera that nothing can go wrong.  Then we hear a loud noise... it's Tierra!  She has pushed herself down the stairs and is now laying unconscious on the bottom stair!  Sarah is trying to help her with her one arm and she's not waking up!  Sean arrives right after it happens and then the paramedics arrive.  They put her in a neck brace and attempt to put her on a board when she decides that she's fine and refuses treatment.

She walks out to the pool and of course, Sean follows her.  They chat and she is fine.  She's pranked the entire house and mostly AshLee.

Finally, it's time for the last date and we discover that ABC didn't give poor AshLee any guidelines about what to wear.  The are headed to an amusement park to meet two girls with chronic illnesses that have met online but never in person.  They will spend the day with them, riding rides and showing AshLee's underpants to America.

Then they will dance for the Eli Young Band and AshLee will bum us all out with her sad story.  Sean is impressed with her optimistic and positive attitude and gives her the rose.

At the rose ceremony, Sean takes Sarah outside to a waiting limo.  She thinks he's kicking her to the curb but when he opens the door we learn that her dog is inside for a short visit.  They play ball next to the highway and she is so touched that Sean did this for her.

Sean pulls Tierra aside and asks how she's doing.  She says her back hurts.  Des comes over and steals him away which makes Tierra want to punch some walls.  Then Tierra steals Sean back from Des. It's Ping Pong Sean!!

Kacie tries to do damage control by wearing a too short wet suit.  It doesn't work because Sean pulls her out of the rose ceremony to tell her that it's not him, it's her and puts her in a waiting mini van.

Say goodbye to Taryn and Kristy.  It's time to get misty!

Next week:  Jets, rock climbing and roller derby! Tierra gets cray cray!

Tierra, 24 from Denver. Instant connection with Sean, got first first impression rose, not here to make friends. Pushed herself down the stairs. Likes to punch walls.
AshLee, 32 from Houston.  6 flags date
Lindsay, 24 teacher from Missouri.  Wore wedding dress.
Catherine, 26 from Seattle.
Daniella, 24 from San Fran.
Desiree, 26 from LA2nd one on one date, hit it off with Sean, prank was played on her. First one to see Sean's house.
Jackie, 25 from FL. 
Kristy, 25 Model from WI.  Won the harlequin romance contest.
Amanda, 26 model from CA.  Off her meds.
Lacey, 24 from CA.
Lesley M, 25 from D.C. Had connection with Sean at photo shoot. World Record holder for longest on-screen kiss.
Leslie H, from LA.  Asked Sean about liking black girls.
Robyn, 24 from Houston. Did gymnastics and fell.
Sarah, 26 from LA.  Has one arm, first one on one date, fell 35 stories.
Taryn, 30 from OR.
Kacie, 25 from Ben's Season.  Out of the friend zone.  Convinced Katie to leave the show. Talks poop about others, goes home in a mini van.


  1. I was working on my blog design last night and keeping maybe one eye on the show, and I, for one, was happy for the kissing contest because Sean couldn't POSSIBLY duck kiss. YAY!!! Maybe ABC was trying to be instructional (?) I thought AshLee looked miserable on her date. And I laughed out loud because I thought the same thing....wetsuit! WTH???? Kacie is wearing a little person's wetsuit!!!

    I was very surprised about Kristy....She's stunning!

    Great wrap-up!


    1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thought Kacie was wearing a wet suit.

  2. As usual, you do not disappoint, Connie. I always love the usefulness of the recaps since I can't seem to get to the TV on Monday evenings and expressions like "the van of sadness, and "Sarah is trying to help her with her one arm," are good for a Tuesday morning laugh!

  3. still have not seen this show yet

  4. You always do these recaps in such an entertaining way. A girl that is willing to throw herself down the stairs for attention has got to go

  5. She seriously pushed herself down the stairs...

  6. I so liked Kacie before this season, but oh my gosh she was a hot mess this season, not to mention a little whorish.

    I think I like AshLee now... maybe, well for right now.

    Tierra though... oh DAMN that girl has major issues!!!

  7. I'm with Myya. Poor Kacie. Don't like her so much anymore.
    I like one armed girl.


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