Monday, February 11, 2013

Bachelor Sean Drinking Game Week 6

Welcome to week 6, episode 7 of The Bachelor!  Have you recovered from last weeks double feature? I'm glad that the show has moved the show to a tropical location.  It's my belief that you can not fall in love when you are cold.  Cold Feet, Cold Heart.

Week Six Drinking Game!

Take a small sip of your drink when someone says:
  • Journey
  • Amazing
  • Wife
  • Chemistry
  • Forever
  • Future
  • Engaged


    Take a small sip of your drink when:

  • Tierra is inconsiderate
  • Sean's shirt is missing
  • Tierra's eyebrow hurts someone's feelings
  • Sean feeds Tierra
  • Someone kisses Sean
  • Someone kisses Sean on the beach
  • Someone complains to Sean about Tierra
  • Someone cries
  • Tierra cries
  • A production assistant removes someone's luggage from the house hotel
  • Someone leaves in the minivan of shame



  1. Hey, Connie, I gave a shout out to you in my most recent post. Oh, and THANKS A LOT for getting me addicted to this silly show! :D

    <3 Jen

  2. Damn chicky you won't it through the first 30 minutes!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!