Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Happy List Things to Smile About in February!

I'm linking up with Emmy Mom for 10 Things to Smile About in February AND Ricki at Art @ Home because this is also a Happy List. We had a great month and I really can't believe that it's almost over.

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1.  Mallory is devouring all kinds of reading material.  A whole wide world has opened up to her....and an atlas.

2.  Coffee with my kid.  He had a lot he needed to get off from his mind.

3.Stacks of Magazines because I have a problem and can't stop buying them.  Better Homes and Gardens wins for best cover because I put Martha Stewart back and grabbed theirs instead.  I bought that one on top because it said BEER on it.  Who am I, Homer Simpson?

4. Funny stickers on cars that aren't political.

5.  Good Quotes.

6.  Being funky and cool like my daughter!

7.  Looking at old pictures of the kids.  This was taken during the 'I can only crawl backwards' phase.

8.  Staples Dollar Section

9.  No Risk, Guilt-Free Pancakes.  Made with Cottage Cheese.  No joke!

10. Jennifer Lawrence. She's a great actress and someone I'd love to have a beer with.  BEER!


Never fear.....my Bachelor re-cap will be here this afternoon!


  1. I love that you had coffee with your son! And the I can only crawl backwards phase, priceless :). The quote is awesome and something I want to live my life by!

  2. The pic of Mallory pissed & Alex having the face of "WHAT? I didn't do anything to her" cracked me up!

    I am definitely going to try the cottage cheese pancakes, mostly because they sound weird. NOt sure if I think they sound good yet.

    Jennifer Lawrence seems awesome. I'd definitely hang with her too!

  3. Yea!! Thanks for linking up. And I had not seen that interview- that it hilarious, I do love her she is such a great actress. That old picture is so funny! And I did not know Staples had a dollar section! Cool!!

  4. Love those pics! I read two magazines yesterday. :)

  5. Love the shot with the Atlas. I need to find a good one for my son. He LOVES looking at maps and telling us which way to go. :o)
    Guilt free pancakes?! Totally going to try that.

  6. love that list and those cute pictures of those kids!!

  7. OMAGAH. That picture of the kids when they were younger!!! CUUUUUUTE!!!

  8. *giggles* This is a GREAT list, Connie! I love the sneakers...y'all are too cute!

    Hello, my name is Ricki Jill, and I'm a magazine-aholic! ;P {I really am.....)

    Your Bachelor re-cap makes me happy every week, and I cannot WAIT to read this week's.....so many odd quotes from the ladies!

    Thanks for linking-up!


  9. Oh you are a cool Mom. LOL Love the pictures of your children...what dolls!!!

  10. Alex and his coffee look so grown up.

  11. Ohhhhh! I can't get past that adorable picture of your littles! Too cute for words! And yay for reading! Miss M is following in Mama's footsteps!

  12. I love that old photo of this kids. The look on his face is worth a million bucks.

  13. LOL, omg that is by far the funniest interview ever. I love how she kind of pokes fun at the interview questions. What do you think? I tripped trying to walk upstairs in my dress, that's what happened! I love how sassy she is. :-)
    That old photo of your kids cracked me up.

  14. I love your 10 things! What a great idea!! I also love Jennifer Lawrence! She's my favorite!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!