Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Goals

I'm a big fan of making goals.  I believe looking at your goals on a month to month basis really helps keep you on track.

January Goals Revisited

[  ] Lose 6 pounds.  Lost 2.6
[X] Start exercise program. Done
[X] Read 3 Books. 4.

February Goals:

[  ]Lose 4 pounds
[X]Make Bread
[X]Post Smash Your Life pages
[X]Read 3 Books
[X]Write in my food journal
[  ]Run 10 times

February is a short month!  I hope I can get these all done.

Do you have any goals for February?

I leave you with dear Mallory. She's bored. Maybe she should make some goals....


  1. awesome goals! congrats on the weight loss! I hope you can continue your goals, and meet them each month.

  2. Hey you got most of your goals, and seriously-you lost weight! Even if it's not what you planned, that's awesome!

  3. congrats on completing your goals! 2.6 pounds is good~

  4. Great goals! My goal this month is to figure out this droid phone. The iPhone didn't make me think this hard but it wasn't this pretty either. HA!

  5. Awesome goals! I hit my weight loss goal this firs two weeks of January and then I gained them back the last two weeks of January.... Good luck with this month!

  6. Woot on the weight loss!!

    Did you make any new healthy recipes you want to share?? You know, since we loved the last one!!

  7. LOL Too bad Mallory isn't old enough to enjoy The Bachelor, your drinking games and re-caps! ;P

    I think you're gonna rock these goals, my friend! :D

  8. 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Keep it up. And let me know how the bread making goes, I have only made bread with yeast once, it scares me...

  9. Great goals - Keep it up!

  10. I might need to steal the food journaling goal...
    What is "smash your life"? I guess I will be looking forward to that post, haha!
    Good luck with your goals, and congrats on your January successes!

  11. You wanna read 3 books a month?!?!

  12. How is the running going? I can't believe the month is half over already!


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