Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentines for Classmates

I had so much fun making the kids' Valentines for their classmates this year!  Last year,  we just  bought Cars Valentines and attached a small piece of candy to it.  I also tortured my son and made him write his name on all 20 of those little cards.  We were both in tears when we were done.

This year both kids are in school and there are numerous allergies in their classrooms.  I decided against candy and instead went with bubbles. Because I've never heard of anyone being allergic to soap.  Target had bags of 24 bubbles for $3 a bag, card stock and Martha Stewart ribbon was on sale at Michaels and it just took about an hour and a half to put everything together.  

Mallory decided to help with the glueing.  

They both turned out great!  And I was able to make all 42 of them for $12.

If your kid needs a box to put the valentines here

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. You're one of those good moms. My kids have Valentine's from Target. :)

  2. Those are ADORABLE! What a good mama. The bubbles are terrific!

  3. Before I made it bigger so I could see it I thought it said You Make My Harry Pop. I was so confused...

  4. how cute makes me miss valentine parties at school

  5. Those are so cute! And yes sounds like a much easier idea than writing their names a million times

  6. Super cute and I am sure the lack of writing names was appreciated.

  7. Those turned out great, you are SO crafty! :-)


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