Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bachelor Sean: Torn Between Four Lovers

Programming Note: Sean Tells All is on from 8-9pm MST

The hometown dates are usually the make or break part of The Bachelor relationship.  Things can be all honkey dory but then you meet the family and adding that piece of the puzzle is illuminating.  For example, my first meeting with iKeith's family was terrible!  Based on that experience, I should have run far, far away and found someone else to date.  Sean seems to be very keen on the fact that you don't just marry a lovely lady with skinny calves and nice hair, you also marry her family.

Sean travels to Houston to meet AshLee's parents and her little dog Bailey.  AshLee has previously stepped out of her comfort zone (while wearing a blindfold) and professed her love for Sean after only knowing him for 7 weeks.  One week later, she's ready to marry him and prepare her womb for Sean's sperm.  AshLee's parents seem very nice and they love their daughter so much.  They are worried about her abandonment issues.  Heck! I'm worried about what happens if Sean doesn't pick her in the end.  Sean tells AshLee's Dad that he's crazy about her and that he'd like his blessing to propose if he decides that she's the girl for him.  AshLee thinks everything is magical.

Next Sean goes to Seattle to see Catherine and her Mom, Grandma and two sisters. But first they catch some fish at the Pike Place Market. These two definitely have fun together and she's a good match for his adventurous side.  Catherine gives Sean some tips for meeting her family and instructs him to touch her Grandmother's hand to his forehead.   This goes over well and soon he's in the kitchen wearing a frilly apron and helping prepare food.  Catherine tells her sisters that she wants to try this out, in reference to being with Sean.  The Sisters reveal to Sean that they don't really see Catherine having kids and that she bails when the going gets tough.  I thought they were going to tell Sean that she is a lesbian.

Sean tells Catherine's Mom that he thinks the world of her, but he doesn't say he's crazy about her. He asks for her blessing to propose to Catherine and she talks around the question and doesn't give him an answer.  Sean is now doubting the relationship. UT OH!

Lindsay's family lives in Fort Leonardwood and it's a small town.  Her Dad is a two star General and Sean is nervous because he doesn't know if he's supposed to call him Sir, General or Mark.  I was hoping that he's apply what he learned in Seattle and touch his hand to his forehead.   Lindsay and Sean walk around, drink beer and eat cupcakes.  Then she puts him through a boot camp but still doesn't share protocol about what he should call her Dad.

Lindsay's Mom and Dad are very nice, warm and welcoming.  Sean has a great conversation with both of them and when he asks Lindsay's Dad for his blessing he tells him that he has never been asked a tougher question and gives him the authority to make the decision, as long as Lindsay says yes.   At the end of the day, General Dad gives Sean a set of dog tags.  He'd make a great addition to their family!

Desiree meets Sean on a hiking trail in L.A.  She wants to experience a normal Saturday together so they clean her apartment and make dinner for her family. There is a knock at the door and they are expecting Desiree's Mom, Dad and brother Nate.  But it's not them, it's an old boyfriend that has been trying to get ahold of Des and is surprised to see a camera crew in her apartment. He says he loves her and when Sean tries to prevent him from getting too close to Des, the guy puts his hands on Sean!  Sean warns him not to do that and looks like he's going to deck the guy!  Then Des has something to tell Sean.  BaZINGA! It's all a joke and this guy is an actor!

Desiree's family finally arrive and her parents are very nice but her brother is an asshat that tells Sean that he doesn't think he's into his sister and that he's just a playboy taking advantage of a situation.  There is awkward tension when they return to dinner and Sean abruptly leaves without anyone eating their dinner. Des is really disappointed and hopes that Nate didn't ruin things for her.

The Rose Ceremony beings and Sean is obviously upset about what he's about to do.  He's getting ready to give out the first rose when Des asks to speak to him.  She apologizing for her brother and tries to make things better.  He tells her it's okay.

He gives AshLee a rose and then one for Lindsay.  Chris Harrison comes out to tell us that this is the final rose tonight because we're bad at math. Sean stands there...at a crossroads and then he puts down the rose and walks away.  We see him leaning against a wall, in agony and/or trying to pass a kidney stone.  He walks to the deliberation room and stares at Catherine and Desiree's pictures.  He tells us that he can see his wife with both of them.  What does he mean?  He can see his wife being friends with them?  Finally, he's made a choice.

The final rose goes to........Catherine.  I'm shocked!  I thought for sure that Des was going to be the last girl standing.  I thought they had an amazing crazy connection.  My final prediction is that AshLee and Lindsay are the final two.  What do you think?

Next week: a romantic getaway to Thailand!  I think I'm going to make a party out of it and order in my favorite Thai food.


  1. Wow! I thought Des would be in the final two at the very least....guess her brother ruined that for her. I always laugh when Chris comes out for that last line...poor guy. I am sure he feels like an idiot every time he has to say it but he gets to travel and i am sure is paid well :)

    Off to watch the show now!!

  2. I thought Des would be the one, so I was shocked. I just haven't seen him connecting with Catherine like the other women. He obviously likes (or respects) AshLee because he asked her and her alone about Tierrible.

    I like Lindsay. I think she's cute, and she seems like the most normal one of the girls left.

    Great re-cap!


  3. Man this was full of awkward moments. Drama Drama Drama, Loooooove me some crazy. My life is so NOT crazy that watching other peoples is really fun :)

  4. In my next life, I want to be Chris Harrison, I bet he makes big bucks to remind us it is the last rose...well, that and warning us that it is the most shocking/dramatic moment in Bachelor history! I feel like you have equipped me to jump in now that the crazies have been weeded out, I'll start watching next week!

  5. I find your commentary WAY more entertaining than the actual show.

  6. Oh man. LOVED the Tell All show. I hope he picks AshLee. She seems very sweet and vulnerable and someone Sean can take care of. Gah...that shower scene...still sorta drooling...

  7. I love your summary!! But someone told me about a spoiler at the beginning of this season so I think I know who he picks because she's still there. So I won't say who I love or dislike. I'm so sad that someone ruined it for me!!


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