Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bachelor Sean: Crazy

AshLee gets the first one-on-one on the island of St. Croix. Sean really likes her because she is sweet and has a big heart.  They take a catamaran to a private island where they play in the water and lay on the sand. Later they have an ocean front dinner and AshLee tells Sean her deep dark secret.  She got married when she was 17 because she wasn't getting along with her parents.   Sean doesn't care because he's crazy about her.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...the girls are talking shit about Tierra and remarking on the fact that she didn't want to sleep with any of them so she's sleeping on a cot in the hallway.  Also, Tierra gets her date card, learns that she's going to be exploring the city and then complains about the heat and bugs.

Tierra's date with Sean goes well....he carries her purse, buys her drinks to keep her cool and buys her an infinity bracelet which means he'll love her forever!  They also bought Des some soap.

They dance with a parade that comes down the street and get snow cones, because Tierra is hot and gross. Sean asks her about how things are going in the house. She says the girls are jealous and that she wouldn't change a thing because she's not going to see these girls much longer.  Tierra feels a distance from Sean and she blames whichever girl threw her under the bus on their date and talked shit about her.

Sean decides that Tierra probably isn't nice to the other girls but he doesn't care because he's crazy about her!

It's 4:42am and Sean is walking through the girl's suite with a flashlight and a camera.  In real life, this would get you shot and/or 911 called on your ass.  Sean is waking up the girls and taking their pictures so that he can see what they look like without make up.  He gives them five minutes to get ready.  Lindsay doesn't have time to shave her pits.

They jeep to the other end of the island so that they can be the first people to see the sun come up in the USA.  Then they drink mimosas and drive to a sugar mill.  They have lunch and cocktails and then drive to a tree house.  This is a new game by ABC to see which girls can survive drunk driving with Sean.

Catherine gets to tell her sob story.  Her Dad lives in China and tried to kill himself in front of her.  She's worried about telling Sean but he doesn't care because he's crazy about her!   Lindsay gets the rose because she doesn't have a sob story.

Lesley got the last date and Sean tells us that he likes her but he doesn't like her like her. Blah Blah Blah...no affection, no eye contact.   The End.

Que....The Tierra Show.

Sean flew his sister in to help him figure things out and she reminds him not to end up with THAT girl. THAT girl that no one else likes.  All of the bachelors end up with THAT girl and that is the families worst fear.  He explains that he's crazy about THAT girl and that he's going to go get her right now to prove that it's all going to be okay.

Meanwhile, Tierra has confronted AshLee about throwing her under the bus.  She says that it's backfired and she's not going to sabotage her relationship with Sean.  She throws a low blow and tells AshLee that when she's 32 she's going to have a family and kids and not be sitting around gossiping with 20 year olds. Then she walks off.

AshLee goes to talk to the other girls and Tierra walks in to say that she didn't say any of the things that AshLee says.  Then they fight some more and AshLee says she's rude, doesn't say good morning, ignores her and that her eyebrow is out of control.  Tierra says she can't control her eyebrow and that they can't take her sparkle away and runs to her cot to pretend cry.

Sean shows up to get Tierra and finds her sobbing.  She explains that this is so hard and AshLee is out to get her.  Sean tells her to wait and he wanders around outside like a lost puppy.  When he goes back in he tells Tierra that he can't take the crazy anymore and it's time for her to leave.

He escorts her to the waiting minivan of shame and Tierra can't believe that he's doing this to her.  She's just really glad that she still has her sparkle and her infinity bracelet.  Her crazy eyebrow and weird forehead dent agree.  Sean's sister is pleased to hear that THAT girl is gone.

The girls arrive for the rose ceremony and they don't know that Tierra is gone.  Sean comes out and announces that he knows who is going home and he'll see them at the rose ceremony. And that is when he send Lesley home.  Catherine takes this really hard and questions if she is the right girl for Sean.

Next week....The Hometown Dates!  Some families...aren't happy to see Sean.

And then there were four!!

AshLee, 32 from Houston.  6 flags date.  Likes to be blindfolded.
Lindsay, 24 teacher from Missouri.  Wore wedding dress. Helicopter one on one date. Likes to suck face.
Catherine, 26 from Seattle. small enough to sit on Seans lap. Fairy tale 1 on 1
Desiree, 26 from LA2nd one on one date, hit it off with Sean, prank was played on her. First one to see Sean's house. Can milk a goat. No gag reflex. Got a second 1 on 1.

Tierra, 24 from Denver. Instant connection with Sean, got first first impression rose, not here to make friends. Pushed herself up down the stairs. Likes to punch walls. Could get engaged anytime she wants. fakes hypothermia. 
Lesley M, 25 from D.C. Had connection with Sean at photo shoot. World Record holder for longest on-screen kiss.
Daniella, 24 from San Fran. cries for roses
Sarah, 26 from LA.  Has one arm, first one on one date, fell 35 stories.
Selma, 29 from San Diego. Rock climbing date. Has big guns.  Won't do THAT.
Jackie, 25 from FL. two on one date
Robyn, 24 from Houston. Did gymnastics and fell.
Kristy, 25 Model from WI.  Won the harlequin romance contest.
Amanda, 26 model from CA.  Off her meds.
Leslie H, from LA.  Asked Sean about liking black girls. Pretty Woman Date.
Taryn, 30 from OR.
Kacie, 25 from Ben's Season.  Out of the friend zone.  Convinced Katie to leave the show. Talks poop about others, goes home in a mini van.


  1. Wow!!! I haven't watched it yet but couldn't resist reading your post :) Holy Moly...I didn't think he'd ever get rid of Tierra. I can't wait to watch!!! Love that you brought up the dent....I have been fixated on it this whole time.

  2. Now you have really sorted through all of the crap for me and I can start watching, just to see who wins!

  3. OMG....Lesley was the ONLY GIRL LEFT who didn't have some weird, effed-up family. She even wanted to take Sean t her lake house for crying out loud. She got the boot because she's too normal and mentally healthy according to ABC's effed-up standards. And I'd be willing to bet that we haven't seen the last of Sparkles (her stripper name)/ Tierra....

    Who was on GMA today....one of the girls was supposed to be on there, but I had to take Bonnie to the vet and I missed it.

    Sean is a dumbass.....his sister needs to beat soe sense into him!

    GREAT recap!


  4. I'm only halfway through...but Tierra went home?! AWESOME!!! Gives me strength to go on...

  5. Holy cow I can't believe she is gone!! Wow he actually made a good choice, totally shocked.


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