Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Smash Books

I've spent a lot of time crafting this year.  It started out because I had to for the Valentine's parties I was throwing for the kids' classes and then it was because I challenged myself with the Smash Book.  It was kind of amazing that once I started doing it....I started wanting to do it more.

The more I crafted and completed little projects, the more peace I felt in general.  I remember this feeling.

Being creative and making beautiful things feeds my soul in a way that nothing else can.  It also keeps my hands and mind busy so I can't dwell on things or put chocolate in my mouth!

Knitting is the best diet ever!  Have you ever tried to snack while knitting?  It's impossible.

Mini Me is watching me like a hawk.  She wants to cook, read and craft like me. We are much alike sometimes it scares me!

Imagine our delight and surprise to find that Michael's has a new line of Smash Books that are perfect just for her.  Hello Kitty!

This one is supposed to be a travel journal but she liked the stripes.  So many fun accessories and tapes.

I gave her a few left over pictures from my January Smash Book Pages and she got to work.  Now, she's bugging me to order more pictures!

What do you do to bring out your creative side?  Does it bring you peace?

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Michael's or the Smash Book people to blog about this.  I just wanted to brag on my daughter a little bit.  However, I am available to be a spokes model for your products.  Call me....


  1. That is adorable. My kids would love that. I on the other hand would have to have wine. ;)

  2. Crafting does bring me peace and such a sense of accomplishment. Love that you and the little can do your books together!

  3. That book is so cute!!
    And yes crafting totally brings me peace as there is something that is accomplished when I am done. Like I love reading--but with that I often just get sucked in and seem to ignore and neglect things so then almost feel guilty-- but I never feel guilty crafting.

  4. So cute. I bet Cady would love to do this. I'll have to get one for her.

  5. I LOVE this! And I love that she mimics you. I've always said we need more Connies in the world.

  6. That is FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  7. Michaels should TOTALLY be hookin you up!

    You are the coolest mama, way cooler then me. :)

  8. This is great! I have never heard of Smash books (I live under a rock). Being Creative brings me such joy and great energy. I love to creating crafts, videos, homemade gifts....anything.

  9. What a great idea!! I might have to do that for Abbie, she'd love to do something like that! Love the new template too BTW!


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