Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little Story...About Bob and Diane

It was the summer of 1964 and Diane had just turned fourteen.  Her older sister had started dating a bad boy from the next town over and she was head over heels in love!  It was a hot  day in Northern Minnesota and the mosquitos were thick. Diane looked out the window and saw her sister Sandy standing in the yard with her new boyfriend, and another boy that she'd never seen before.

He was tall and thin, with slicked back brown hair.  He leaned against a 1950 Ford, a lit cigarette in his hand.  Diane quietly left the house and walked up to the lovebirds.  She snuck glances at the strange boy and noticed how cute he was; she hoped that her sister would introduce them.

Sandy went into the house to get permission to go to town with the boys and when she came back Diane was surprised to learn that she'd gotten the go ahead but she had to bring....her little sister.  That's when she learned the young man's name.

Bob thought that Diane was a kid and sat in the front seat with Sandy in the middle. Poor Diane sat in the backseat all by herself, listening to them laugh and carry on like she wasn't even there.  A few weeks later Bob left for basic training....and then Vietnam.

Diane saw Bob again three years later at Sandy's wedding to the bad boy from the next town over. The young girl from the back seat had grown up and he noticed her now.   Six months later they were married.

And that's how my parents met.....

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  1. OhMyGosh this is freaking awesome!

  2. Such a sweet story!

  3. I love this post! It reminds me of your Connie Diary posts- I miss those!

  4. Love love this!! How fun is that.

  5. SO COOL!
    Now I have Mellencamp in my head though....a Little Diddy...'bout Jack and Diane....2 American kids growin' up IN the heartland.


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