Monday, February 4, 2013

Bachelor Sean Drinking Game Week 5

Are you ready for a Bachelor Sean Marathon?  Do you have a fresh box of wine for the next two nights?  Can you take Wednesday off to go to AA with me?

Let's do this thing!

Week FIVE part ONE Drinking Game!

Take a small sip of your drink when someone says:

  • Journey
  • Amazing
  • Wife
  • Chemistry
  • Forever
  • Future
  • Engaged


    Take a small sip of your drink when:
    • Sean's shirt is missing
    • The ladies leave California
    • A country star you've never heard of before...sings
    • Someone milks a goat
    • Someone cuts wood
    • Tierra is inconsiderate
    • Someone kisses Sean
    • Someone kisses Sean in a hot tub
    • Chris Harrison explains how a two on one date works
    • Someone goes home from a two on one date
    • Someone complains to Sean about Tierra
    • Someone cries
    • Tierra cries
    • A production assistant removes someone's luggage from the house hotel
    • Someone leaves a date in an ambulance
    • Someone leaves in the minivan of shame

    • source


    1. Man, I now wish I watched The Bachelor!!!! I'll have to figure out something similar for Bunheads. :)

    2. Hey, Bachelorette Stylists - Pizza Hut called. They want their tablecloths back.

    3. God I have missed you!!! Love it and will have to get my box of wine for Tues/Wed so I guess I'll be at AA on Thursday with the rest of the poe people without Cable ;)

    4. Uggghhh when am I going to fnd time to watch freakin 4 hours of this??? PTC meeting & my nephew's basketball game made for a very late night tonight.

    5. and the drinking fun continues

    6. Lol Becca..... Well, all I can say is I'm too much of a lightweight to drink two nights in a row....I'll be leaving the house on a stretcher with everyone in the cul-de-sac gaping at me.

      Can't wait for your wrap-up. UNBELIEVABLE episode. :/


    I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!