Saturday, July 12, 2008

It all goes so fast....

I'm well aware that our children grow too fast. Calvin always says that he can't wait until they are {insert older age here} so that they can do this or that or another thing.

I want them stay little as long as possible. I want them to enjoy their childhood and experience all that being kids is about.

Click here and listen to the sounds of a little girl growing up. It made me cry.


  1. I so relate to this. Mine (3) were all born within 18 months (obviously two are twins), and that makes things go even faster. There is so little time to just enjoy them with all of the slave labor. But I try to make myself stop and really pay attention as much as possible since every time they're done with clothes, a toy, a book, a DVD - it feels like the end of an era. And it truly is because there will NOT be any more babies in this house. I'll just borrow my neighbor's newborn if I need a fix.

  2. That is too cute!

  3. Had me in tears too!

  4. awww, I refuse to beleive they will grow up! Stop stop stop time!


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