Monday, July 21, 2008

Goggies and Buppies

I want to begin today by saying that I am an idiot. I have this beautiful new fancy camera and I often forget to bring it out at times when I really need it. I also have a video camera that should be getting use and I forget about it too.

I am in serious Mommy Brain HELL!

My cousin Tara and her family stopped by on their way to Yellowstone Park on Sunday and she had her two dogs with her. Duke and Dutchess. They are little dogs...not sure what kind, but they were so much fun to watch with the kids.

Alex took to the Goggies right away...following them all over the yard and dumping their water dish over. Then he started to imitate them....

He was trying to drink out of a puddle and then he was rolling around on his back. It was so funny! The dogs were chasing each other around the yard and Alex and Mallory where running right behind them.

I was amazed at how gentle they were with the since they haven't been around dogs before. The only dog they know is the Learning Puppy!

I'm wishing now that we could have a dog in this house.


  1. My three year old is madly in love with dogs. Especially big slobbery ones that like to play catch. We have a couple of neighbors with dogs. The drama of dragging Oliver inside after an hour of "catch the ball" brings to mind images castaways watching a cruise ship disappear over the horizon line. I too wish that we could give him his own dog - but with a three year old and not-quite-two year old twins, AND a tiny townhouse, it's just not an idea that I can entertain right now.

  2. How cute!

    I too am deficient in the taking pictures when cool stuff happens department. My excuse is that I'm too busy living in the moment. :)

  3. go and read your post about the mess the kids made and then rethink that doggy thing.

    my youngest...cora...not much of a talker...yet (she's only one)...will go and take a drink out of the dog's water dish when she's thirsty...GROSS. just ask for a glass of water, please!


I love you. You are my best friend! Your hair looks fantastic today!